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Skype launches mobile video discuss app Qik with clips that disappear after dual …

Skype currently launched Skype Qik (pronounced “quick”), a new video messaging app meant to be used alongside a categorical Skype app. The new mobile-only charity is launching simultaneously on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. You can download it now from Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and a Windows Phone Store.

Skype describes Qik as “a totally giveaway approach to constraint a moment, share laughs, and discuss with groups of friends” by branch brief videos into conversations. The idea is to make video chats “as extemporaneous as messaging yet as insinuate as calling.”

The name competence means a bit of confusion, given that a Qwik and Kwik are both taken (and in English they indeed sound like “quick”), as good as that Canadian messaging app Kik is comparatively popular. Yet Skype acquired a video streaming startup called Qik in January 2011 (and close it down in Apr 2014), so a choice expected comes down to a doubt of trademark.

The Basics

Each video can be adult to 42 seconds long. Why 42? Well, that’s the answer to life, a universe, and everything.

Videos are block as against to rectangular, many like Instagram photos. Skype achieves this regulating a possess tradition encoders, that not usually furnish distinct-looking videos yet also outcome in smaller files. Skype didn’t give VentureBeat a range, yet it did tell us that users can design transfers “about a distance of dual JPEGs.”

Qik downloads any video summary initial and usually thereafter pings a receiver with a pull notification. This ensures that when we open adult a video message, it’s already commissioned and can be played behind immediately. It also means that Qik does not run in a background, so we don’t have to worry about removal your phone’s battery when you’re not regulating a app.

Sharing a video is immediate: Tap a pinkish symbol once to record and a second time to send. There is no step for previewing your recording, nonetheless we can undo a video whenever we want. Interestingly, we can switch between your front and behind camera on a fly while recording. In the demo we were given, there was no poignant loiter during playback.

The Logistics

This is a Skype app, definition it’s all about video. Nevertheless, Skype Qik feels apart from a categorical Skype brand, notwithstanding a identical logo, and a common parent company. This is especially given a app doesn’t ask for a Microsoft comment or Skype username.

Like many messaging apps nowadays, it uses your mobile phone series and pulls your contacts from your phone’s residence book. You can supplement whoever we don’t know in a review to your possess strike list.

If we are sent a video summary yet don’t have Qik installed, you’ll get an SMS informing we what it is and what it requires (Android 4.1 or higher, iPhone 4 or higher, Windows Phone 8.1 or higher). Skype says a categorical reason for these stipulations is a tradition encoders.

When we strike play in a categorical review window, videos are played in a sequence they were sent, starting from a final not-yet-viewed message. You can rewatch a full video discuss given a videos play one after a other, or locate adult on what we missed from a certain point. You can also collect and play particular videos.

By default, a extent of 8 videos are manifest during a tip (the thumbnails for any are picked by an algorithm that tries to name a many fast frame). If there are more, we can appropriate and “pull” additional videos into view.


The app also puts some importance on privacy. Skype underlined to us that Qik’s contacts stays on your phone. They aren’t uploaded or stored anywhere else.

Qik is not usually Skype’s initial try during building a totally new platform, yet it’s also Microsoft’s initial examination with ephemerality (you’ll remember that WindUp was a Microsoft Research project). Skype emphasized to VentureBeat that it doesn’t wish users to worry about any juvenile or stupid videos vivid them later.

So the sender of any video can undo it on both their phone and a recipient’s phone, including right after they send it, either it’s been watched or not. Also, a app doesn’t have options to save videos locally or share them again to others.

Recipients can’t undo particular videos, as conversations have to say firmness opposite any device. That said, they can always leave a review or undo it entirely.

Furthermore, any video is deleted automatically after accurately dual weeks. Skype argues this length of time is brief adequate that prior videos are lost about yet prolonged adequate that an ongoing form of video discuss can still be maintained.

The Extras and Limitations

If you’re fervent to fast respond to a video summary yet don’t wish to, or can’t, record a clip, we can send a Qik Flik. These are five-second videos that you’ve accessible progressing (Skype gives we a few default ones when we initial exercise a app) for promulgation when you’re in a place where recording video usually doesn’t make sense.

You can store a extent of 12 prerecorded videos for reactions, yet Skype told VentureBeat this capricious extent competence be increasing one day. Qik Fliks seem usually like typical videos in a app, a usually disproportion being that they are permitted by drumming a smiley face, located usually right of a categorical pinkish record button.


In short, Qik Fliks are like your possess personal respond GIFs. You competence wish to save a thumbs-up sign, a unhappy face, or whatever we consider you’ll wish to fast send some-more than once.

While this is a multi-platform release, it comes with some limitations. Blocking contacts from promulgation messages to we is accessible on both Android and Windows Phone; a choice is entrance to iPhone “in a entrance months.” Qik Fliks can be perceived on all inclination yet usually sent from Android and iPhone; promulgation functionality is entrance to Windows Phone “in a entrance months.”

Final Thoughts

Most Skype calls are scheduled in advance. Qik is an try to offer users a many some-more guileless video platform, that can be used in between a designed calls with friends, family, and coworkers.

It’s also value observant that Skype is glorious for one-to-one calls, and while it supports organisation messaging, a underline was combined many after (and a video member usually became giveaway in April). Qik duration handles groups no opposite than video conversations with individuals.

In fact, Skype told us it has an inner exam organisation with over 250 people all promulgation video messages in one conversation. Furthermore, we can supplement people from a organisation discuss to your personal contacts and afterwards start particular or organisation conversations with them too.


In short, Skype wants a bigger cut of a messaging battle. Its height is seen as a critical communication apparatus rather than a infrequent one. Qik isn’t ostensible to take divided from a categorical Skype app — it’s meant to element it.

From what we’ve seen, Qik is singular adequate from other messaging collection that it can find a place in a ridiculously jam-packed market, yet that doesn’t meant it will indispensably locate on quickly. In fact, Qik will have all a common adoption problems that new discuss apps face, and bandwidth limitations.

Cutting down a dimension of videos to a block size, as good as regulating tradition encoders, will positively assistance in this department, yet Skype is still holding utterly a play with an early gamble on mobile video chat. The Microsoft-owned association is statute out hundreds of millions of users simply given Qik won’t be serviceable on their networks.

Yet if Qik gains initial momentum, it positively could turn a personality in this category, with many players snapping during a heels. Plus, it could see a flourishing series of users as mobile Internet speeds increase.

In a end, this is usually a initial recover of Qik. Skype already has new facilities it skeleton to add, yet it will be holding feedback on what else it can exercise to make mobile video messaging mainstream.

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