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Slower, Not Lower: IHS Automotive Forecasting 88.6 Million Unit Global Light …

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With 2015 off to a good start, IHS Automotive, partial of IHS Inc. (NYSE:
IHS), forecasts tellurian automotive sales for 2015 to strech 88.6 million,
an boost of 2.4 percent over 2014, stability an consecutive five-year
run of sales liberation and enlargement from a low indicate set in a abyss of
a Great Recession in 2009. However, a slack is being signaled with
usually dual of a high-potential BRIC markets approaching to see increased
sales this year.

China will lead a sector’s volume growth, yet IHS expects the
marketplace to delayed from 2014. The North American marketplace will continue its
upswing, yet a gait differs by country. The distance of a contraction
of a Russian automobile marketplace stays a poignant furious label that will
impact a European marketplace via a year, according to the
analysis, while other countries in a shred continue to redeem during a
rate of 2.5 to 3 percent, helped by a European Central Bank’s (ECB)
joining to full-blown Quantitative Easing (QE).

APAC Growth Continues to Lead Industry; A Slowing China Does Most of
a Lifting

For a APAC shred in 2015, China’s mercantile enlargement will decelerate
further, to 6.5 percent from 7.4 percent in 2014, as a outcome of
industrial overcapacity and debility in a genuine estate sector. However,
IHS Automotive analysts still pattern light automobile sales in China to
grow by 7 percent in 2015 to 25.2 million units, aided with increased
automobile financial penetration, quick dealership enlargement and government
automobile scrappage programs.

According to a analysis, a stream anti-trust debate environment
could change a relations among consumers, play and OEMs. The
debate is approaching to have a long-lasting outcome on premium
parts/vehicle prices in China. Coupled with this, a movement could
lead to downward composition in reward pricing, that helps provide
plain substructure for reward automobile invasion to serve boost in
China in a subsequent decade. We pattern reward vehicles in China to tip two
million units in 2015 with year-over-year enlargement of 15 percent.

IHS Automotive experts also pattern SUVs to sojourn a fastest-growing
shred in China in 2015. “We see SUV marketplace share (as percent of
newcomer automobile sales) to boost from 26 percent in 2014 to 28
percent in 2015 as consumers demeanour to this shred to residence evolving
travel needs,” pronounced Lin Huaibin, manager, China light vehicle
sales forecast, IHS Automotive.

In India, descending inflation, reduce seductiveness rates, appetite prices and a
regained certainty will assistance lift a automobile marketplace into enlargement mode
starting in 2015 after a two-year lull.

U.S. Growth Stimulates Global Demand Levels

North America continues to be an procedure to tellurian light automobile demand
levels. Improving credit conditions via a shred and sustained,
though tenuous, mercantile enlargement among a countries in a shred have
helped to motivate sum automobile sales levels.

“Although a mercantile conditions and gait of liberation differ slightly
among a North American countries, consumer confidence, credit
accessibility and restrained direct have played pivotal roles in nutritious auto
direct movement given a Great Recession,” pronounced Chris Hopson, manager,
North American light automobile sales forecasting, IHS Automotive. “This
should assistance motivate sales once again in 2015.”

IHS Automotive projects informal light automobile sales volume in North
America to strike some-more than 20 million units in 2015, adult 2.5 percent from
final year.

In a United States, IHS Automotive analysts continue to trust the
upside risks for automobile direct are some-more apparent than a downside risks.
With a clever exit to 2014, and gasoline prices now plunging,
consumers might feel even some-more certain via 2015. The IHS
Automotive U.S. light automobile sales foresee for 2015 is 16.9 million

Light automobile sales in Canada set an annual record in 2014 that is
scheduled to be damaged once again in 2015. Light lorry sales, especially
CUVs, helped motivate direct levels final year and with reduce fuel prices
expected, should once again browbeat enlargement in 2015. The Canadian light
automobile sales foresee from IHS Automotive for 2015 stands during 1.88
million units.

In Mexico, automobile sales stalled by a initial 7 months of 2014,
causing some regard that new taxation policies implemented during a beginning
of 2014 were spiteful automobile direct growth; however, encouraged by
incentives to assistance hint demand, light automobile sales grew via the
second half of a year. This movement should continue in 2015, and IHS
projects sales volume to grow 3 percent to 1.17 million units.

There was a sheer change in 2014 South America automotive demand
compared to 2013, when monthly sales pennyless a 500,000 section symbol seven
times. The year preliminarily sealed with 5.34 million units – a 10
percent dump from 2013; with politics impairing Argentina and Venezuela,
and a mercantile meridian weighing down markets like Brazil, Chile and
Peru, where it might take a few years for direct to redeem to previous

Uncertainty lingers over Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela for
2015. Argentina is displaying hints of a “tango crisis” of 1998:
rash inflation, miss of unfamiliar banking and risk of
devaluation. As a result, IHS Automotive is awaiting 2015 sales in
Argentina of roughly 500,000 units. In Brazil, banks have been
tightening credit for a final 3 years, and they are not showing
seductiveness in boosting credit to a automotive sector. This, along with
a boost in a IPI (an attention tax) in early January, higher
financing rates and diseased pursuit era should interpret into sales in
Brazil of 3.25 million units.

In Chile, doubt over automobile sales is drawn from a emissions taxation and the
risk of serve banking devaluations will ring in a marketplace tighten to
a 300,000 section mark. Finally, it is formidable to suppose the
Venezuelan marketplace acrobatics any reduce than it already has; however, as
oil prices plummet, a government’s entrance to unfamiliar banking will
continue to be limited, so impairing automobile production.

European Market Continues to be Influenced by Russia

In Europe, a predicament in Russia could equivalent a bonus of reduce fuel
prices for Europe’s automobile buyers and even a new QE boost from a ECB.
As a Russian economy slumps into a low retrogression in 2015, its
disastrous impact on a Eurozone and surrounding countries could be large
adequate to equivalent a consumer advantage from descending fuel prices. Overall,
a IHS foresee for light automobile sales in Western Europe has usually been
incompletely upgraded for 2015 notwithstanding a advantages of $60 oil.

After a better-than-expected 5 percent boost in 2014, light vehicle
sales in a mature West European shred are foresee to urge by
another 3 percent in 2015, with upside entrance if a apparent open-ended
joining to QE by a ECB pushes a Euro down still further.

“The distance of a marketplace contraction in Russia is a biggest furious card
confronting automobile manufacturers opposite a European continent, if not the
world, in 2015 and 2016,” pronounced Nigel Griffiths, arch automotive
economist, IHS Automotive.

After a new huge sensitivity of a Russian currency, prices of
alien cars demeanour like they will boost good over 20 percent or so
and even domestically-produced vehicles will have to see double-digit
cost hikes. This, along with a low retrogression compounded by a recent
credit rating downgrades, could pull a marketplace down to usually 1.8 million
units; a 27 percent decrease over 2014 and scarcely 40 percent (1.2
million) next a marketplace turn accessible in 2012.

Global Sales Growth Continues amid Volatile Price Signals

From a tellurian perspective, a automobile attention is now being faced with and
will have to adjust to really vast and widespread sell rate
movements, commodity and tender element cost changes and, of course, the
new low oil prices. The final dual will be poignant tailwinds for the
automobile sector, a margins and for many of a universe consumers, though during the
same time, their unpredictability will meant long-term business plans
will approaching change during a some-more discreet pace.

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