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Smithsonian to Launch New Magazine on Cultural Travel

Smithsonian Enterprises, a business arm of a renouned museum complex, is rising a initial new repository in 30 years with a concentration on informative travelers.

Smithsonian Journeys will strike newsstands Apr 21 as a quarterly publication, a publisher pronounced Friday. Each book will concentration on one end with photography and stories about history, food, etiquette and science.

The initial book is dedicated to Paris with stories about a history, a origins of a croissant and other topics, pronounced Editor-in-Chief Victoria Pope, who formerly edited National Geographic and U.S. News and World Report. Like a Smithsonian museums, a transport repository will embody some science, art and a lot of history, she said.

“I don’t consider there’s anything like it,” Pope said. “We’re unequivocally mixing some qualities of long-form essay with some consumer pieces that are unequivocally good with things about resources, what to do.”

Steve Giannetti, arch income officer of Smithsonian Enterprises, pronounced there was an opening in marketplace for Smithsonian Journeys as a rarely labelled quarterly like a “bookazine.” Such publications have been successful amid declines for other imitation publications, he said. Travel also has supposing a vast promotion bottom for sister announcement Smithsonian repository as well, he said.

“This is targeted to a informative traveler, somebody that when they go to a destination; they wish to do some-more than only get on a hop-on, hop-off bus,” he said. “To do that properly, to unequivocally excavate into a destination.”

The Smithsonian has also operated a transport use for 30 years, providing expert-guided tours underneath a code Smithsonian Journeys.

The new quarterly will launch with a placement of some-more than 150,000. Copies will sell for $13.99 each. It will be accessible during supermarkets, book stores, airports and on some journey lines.


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Article source: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/smithsonian-launch-magazine-cultural-travel-30219132

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