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Snapchat thinks the new emoji underline will change your life

Snapchat peeved users in Jan when it yanked a renouned “best friends” feature, that showed a people we snapped with a most.

Now, a fleeting messaging app is betting that a vital update rolled out Monday, that replaces a underline with emoji characters, will “change your life.”

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According to a blog post buried inside Snapchat Discover, a garland of emoji will start popping adult in your friends list starting on Monday. The app refurbish also introduces dual other features: A new low-light camera mode serves adult softened shots snapped in darker settings, and a territory called “Needs Love” now appears underneath “Recents,” enlivening users to send snaps to people they haven’t interacted with in a while.

The 6 emoji “weren’t usually a favorite ones (shout out to a poop emoji), they indeed meant something super-important — they mangle down your whole squad,” a post read. Rather, they paint opposite levels, and will uncover adult alongside Snapchat users with whom we snap a most. The association used Beyoncé for a brief explainer:

Snapchat emoji

Image: Snapchat

But distinct a old, comparatively teenager “best friends” feature, that was always incited on and publicly accessible to anyone we were friends with, usually you can see a emoji. The days of being means to petiole your friends and see who they snapped with a many — ex-boyfriend? coworker? — are flattering most over.

The dismissal of “best friends” in Jan caused an conflict from users and even forced CEO Evan Spiegel to explain himself.

The new emoji underline is a latest in a array of moves suggesting Snapchat is removing some-more critical about remoteness and security. Last May, a startup staid charges with a Federal Trade Commission that purported Snapchat cheated users about a “disappearing” inlet of their photos. Then, in October, hackers leaked scarcely 98,000 print and video files to The Pirate Bay.

Snapchat announced final week it was ramping adult confidence and restricting entrance to outward developers.

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2015/04/06/snapchat-emoji/

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