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‘Social Robot Nadine’ Capable of Complex Thought, Has Personality

Dec 30, 2015 12:58 PM EST

(Photo : NTU SINGAPORE) The ‘social robot’ Nadine and her creator Nadia Thalmann.

Researchers during Nanyang Technological University in Singapore grown a drudge that resembles a creators in both appearance, ability, and with a participation of a personality.

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According to The Daily Mail, a drudge is named Nadine and has several capabilities like conversations in that she is means to remember if she has already met we and, if so, what we talked about then.

“Robotics technologies have modernized significantly over a past few decades and are already being used in production and logistics. As countries worldwide face hurdles of an aging population, amicable robots can be one resolution to residence a timorous workforce, turn personal companions for children and a aged during home, and even offer as a height for medical services in future,” Nadia Thalmann, an consultant in practical humans and a expertise from NTU’s School of Computer Engineering, said in a press release.

Personality is not all that new to synthetic intelligence, as tech giants like Apple and Google have modernized their voice authority record to a indicate where users can lift out conversations with their devices.

Nadine is only a destiny of a A.I. technology. While NASA is already building a humanoid drudge to one day support astronauts on prolonged deep-space flights, though Nadine could make her approach to a workforce. Robots like her could make it formidable for people to take ill days.

“Over a past 4 years, a group during NTU have been fostering cross-disciplinary investigate in amicable robotics technologies – involving engineering, mechanism science, linguistics, psychology and other fields – to renovate a practical human, from within a computer, into a earthy being that is means to observe and correlate with other humans,” Thalmann said. “This is rather like a genuine messenger that is always with we and unwavering of what is happening. So in future, these socially intelligent robots could be like C-3PO, a iconic golden droid from Star Wars, with believe of denunciation and etiquette.”

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