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Solutions: Notebook downloads quick though desktop is slow

I have a 4-month-old Notebook, Wi-Fi connected, Windows 8, regulating during 1.50 GHz, and a 2-week-old desktop, wire connected, Windows 8.1, regulating during 1.40 GHz. Facebook knowledge on a Notebook is lightning quick downloading pictures, info, etc. On a desktop it is pain­stakingly delayed with few messages, durability for a few seconds, that tie to a website has unsuccessful though afterwards is fast reestablished. Takes maybe 30 seconds before corkscrew bar can be used. When activated once, it stops for maybe another 30 seconds. Various sessions with tech supports have been incompetent to establish because this is happening.

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This could be anything from bad hardware, hurtful handling system, virus/malware or browser add-ons. Start by regulating Internet Explorer in No appendage mode (press Windows Key + R pivotal and enter iexplore.exe -extoff). Check and see if we have a same problems. If not, try expelling add-ons until we find a offender. Next, try booting into Safe mode with networking. Again, check for a same issues. Check to see if we get improved formula regulating wireless rather than wire tie on a desktop to order out a bad network adaptor. And of course, make certain you’re stealing purify scans from your antivirus.

I have a HP laptop ENVYdv7t Quad Edition computer, reduction than 2 years old, that we put in a emporium for maintenance, that enclosed installing Sophos security, upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, stealing bloatware and confusion and dual viruses. Returning home, we detected my laptop would no longer imitation from my Cannon MG 6120 printer as it did before on Windows 8.0.

First thing to do is download a latest MG 6120 printer drivers from Canon’s support website (usa.canon.com/cusa/support). There is a new chronicle of a drivers for 8.1, and it substantially wasn’t partial of a Windows 8.1 upgrade. You might also need to go by a installation/connection routine to reestablish confidence connectors to your router if we are regulating wireless access.

This week we was targeted for this Windows Service Center scam. we didn’t tumble plant though maybe other new users will. The people behaving a hoax sound remarkably veteran and officious.

Let’s make this a open use proclamation for all then: You will never accept a legitimate unsolicited call charity to repair a “reported problem” with your PC. Repeat, never. These are all scams, 100 percent of a time. Don’t spend any time articulate to these people or give them even a smallest pieces of information.

I am a new owners of an Epson Workforce 645 printer. Every time we imitation a request an additional page prints revelation me what we have usually done. Can we assistance me stop wasting paper?

This is a underline of Microsoft Word that is routinely incited off. It sounds as if we have this incited on. From within Microsoft Word, go to a Print … dialog (File, Print) and afterwards click a Options button. Look in a “Include with document” territory and uncheck a “Document properties” box. This should now stay incited off as a default.

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