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‘Sonic Highways’ lead Foo Fighters home to DC

WASHINGTON — Think of a venue where a Foo Fighters would routinely play in your city. Now, design a subsequent bar down. Then go down a few some-more stairs — we’re articulate sub-1,000 ability here.

That was a stage during a Black Cat Cafe Friday night, where a rope premiered a D.C. part of Sonic Highways, a HBO array documenting a group’s cross-country debate of iconic American recording studios, and treated fans to a three-hour uncover that stretched until 2 a.m.

Sorry, scalpers: Some 700 tickets, done accessible Tuesday, were left in minutes. Anyone propitious adequate to seize a sheet had their name printed on a stub and had to uncover relating ID to get in. So scalpers and these artistic CraigsList beggars were out of luck.

Foo favorites: The rope non-stop with Something From Nothing, a initial singular from Highways, before relocating on to a crowd-pleasing strike march that enclosed Learn to Fly, All My Life, The Pretender, I’ll Stick Around, Up in Arms, There Goes My Hero, New Way Home, Walk and Monkey Wrench.

Feast’ on this: The Washington throng was a initial live assembly to hear Highways‘ second single, The Feast and a Famine, that done a entrance during a finish of Friday’s Sonic Highways episode. It’s usually fitting: Hometown favourite Dave Grohl’s lyrics impute to “down on a dilemma of 14th and U.” That’s a plcae of a Black Cat and a site of a Apr 1968 “Chocolate City riots” that followed a assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The strain was available during Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, Va., where mythological internal punk acts Fugazi and Minor Threat once laid down tracks.

Communicable illness fighters: Grohl loves his fans, though not adequate to enclose their sweaty T-shirts. He regaled (and grossed out) a throng with a cautionary story of a thespian from a ancillary act who put on a T-shirt thrown onstage by a fan. “He got ringworm! With all a catching diseases out there, I’m not removing ringworm from your Primus T-shirt. Sorry.”

Arlandria is a place though not a planet: Throughout his career, Grohl has pronounced that “when I’d feel lost, I’d go behind to Virginia.” For a time, he lived in a Alexandria enclave of Del Ray, that lies nearby a limit of Arlington. Sometimes referred to as Arlandria, it desirous a strain off a Foos’ 2011 album, Wasting Light. Now that lane is a set-list tack whenever a rope comes behind to town. “This is a usually place that understands this song,” Grohl told a audience. “Everywhere else, they consider it’s a planet. Or maybe my mom, whose name is Virginia.” The night before, “a man brought me a square of timber to sign.” Turns out it was a square of Grohl’s aged house. “It’s a good house, though beware — if we buy it, this man will come slice things off of it.”

Sweatin’ to a oldies: Here’s how Foo shows tend to play out: “After about an hour, we feel warmed up. And afterwards (expletive) gets weird.” With that warning, a rope launched into a fibre of ’70s and ’80s stone staples, including Tom Petty’s Breakdown, a Rolling Stones’ Miss You and a Queen/David Bowie classical Under Pressure. Grohl associated a latter to a litanies of being a dad. “Every day, we get in my minivan and take my kids to school, with a lunches we packaged during 5:45 a.m. The kids protest that I’m personification a wrong DVD and that we put oranges in their pouch and they wanted apples. Then a clergyman yells during me since we used Ziploc bags instead of Tupperware. we like to consider Freddie Mercury and David Bowie were going by a same thing, since we all know what it’s like to be underneath pressure.”

The Taylor Hawkins Show: When you’re a drummer who likes to sing, it’s profitable to have your lead thespian be a former drummer of an iconic band. Grohl, who was enshrined in a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Nirvana progressing this year, is always happy to step behind and let his possess drummer come forward. Hawkins took over a mic for a band’s Cold Day in a Sun and a span of covers, Cheap Trick’s Stiff Competition and Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin’ About Love. But Grohl wasn’t peaceful to listen to him protest about carrying a bruise bend and “feeling 42.” He countered, “I’m feeling 45 and we feel good!” He meant it, too. At that point, it was 12:30 a.m., and he kept going for another 90 minutes. That’s flattering hardcore for a minivan-driving dad.

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2014/10/25/foo-fighters-sonic-highways-dc/17899529/

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