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Sony claims PS4 sole around 30 million units

50 mins ago – 6:30 AM on 11.25.2015 // Mike Cosimano

Pictured: a destiny of PS VR

According to a press recover from Sony, a PlayStation 4 has sole by (read: units indeed sole to people, not units shipped to stores) 30.2 million units as of Nov 22. That’s a substantial volume of consoles; for comparison, that’s approximately a tenth of a United States’ population. For my money, we’ll expected see a identical proclamation done in a new year once a present hang has been ripped off those glossy new PS4s and a Christmas Creep is zero though a memory.

This recover is also a really intelligent pierce on Sony’s part. Games reporters have to news on this things as partial of a pursuit (it’s a legitimate square of news, and it’s something readers have historically been meddlesome in), so a news cycle is dominated with stories about a PlayStation 4, right as shoppers are creation their Black Friday plans.

Even so, this news has value. 30 million consoles in homes is an critical series to cruise in a incomparable discuss of “are consoles still viable?” I’d disagree this arriving holiday deteriorate is a determining point. Both systems have clever lineups, rival prices, and implement bases cultivating word of mouth. In essence, they’re both out of excuses. God, how we adore sales numbers.

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