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Sony Plans on Adding PS1 & PS2 Games to PlayStation Now "Longer Term"


November 13, 2014 Written by Jason Dunning


After announcing a serve of EA games to PlayStation Now, PlayStation Now Director of Marketing Peter Jamshidi went on a PS Blog to answer many questions about a destiny of a service.

One common thesis was that people wanted some-more first-party PlayStation 3 titles on PS Now, and Jamshidi reliable they’re on a way, yet he didn’t utterly contend that ones we’ll receive:

Making a first-party PS3 games permitted is really a clever partial of a prophesy of PlayStation Now. We wish to make these extraordinary PlayStation 3 games permitted to some-more people than ever and on some-more inclination than ever, including on a PS4.

So yes, we really have some-more first-party titles lined adult for recover in a nearby future. Hold tight!

As for a subscription use they’re operative on, Jamshidi said, “I’m really vehement about it. We see it adding a nominal choice to rentals as a approach to suffer evident entrance to PlayStation 3 games around PlayStation Now. More sum entrance in a nearby future!”

Something else people have been watchful for given a launch of PS Now are a serve of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. While Sony’s formerly been non-committal and infrequently vague about them, Jamshidi suggested that they have skeleton to supplement them in a future:

We are focusing on a extraordinary PS3 library during a moment, though do have skeleton to go behind even serve in time and offer PS2 and PS1 games longer term.

Regarding a miss of a brief hearing or demo for PlayStation Now to see how it will run on your connection, Jamshidi said, “We are exploring ways that would let people to try out a use in a future. Stay tuned.”

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Article source: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2014/11/13/sony-plans-on-adding-ps1-ps2-games-to-playstation-now-ps2-longer-term/

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