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Sony sensitively puts adult e-ink smartwatch on crowdfunding site

SINGAPORE — For a final few months, Sony has been sensitively contrast consumer seductiveness in one of a latest ventures — Using electronic paper to make conform products and in particular, a watch.

A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) news has suggested that Sony personally placed a project, a watch called Fes Watch, on Japanese crowdfunding site, Makuake, in September, underneath a name of Fashion Entertainments.

The FES watch, designed in partnership with settlement organisation TAKT PROJECT, uses electronic paper for a watch face and strap. It has 24 options for a arrangement settlement on a watch face and strap, and usually activates and displays a time or other information when a wearer creates a “look during a watch” action.


Video: FES/YouTube

“We hid Sony’s name since we wanted to exam a genuine value of a product, either there will be direct for a concept,” a chairman concerned in a plan was quoted saying.

And a group would not have been disappointed.

Within 3 weeks, a plan surpassed a idea of ¥2 million (S$22,000) and has lifted some-more than S$30,500 so far.

According to a report, Sony did not exhibit an central recover date, nonetheless throng appropriation supporters can accept them after May subsequent year.


Article source: http://www.todayonline.com/tech/gadgets/sony-quietly-puts-e-ink-smartwatch-crowdfunding-site

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