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Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition On Sale Now

Where Google failed, Sony hopes to succeed. Its SmartEyeglass Developer Edition eyewear is accessible now for pre-order in a U.K. and Germany.

The SED-E1 transparent-lens headset will go on sale in 8 some-more countries—Japan, a U.S., France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden—next month. Developers can entrance a central chronicle of a SmartEyeglass SDK today.

Using holographic wavelength technology, Sony’s unconventional eyeglasses bond with concordant smartphones to superimpose information onto a wearer’s margin of view—”without any half mirrors that might hinder a user’s vision,” a association boasted.

It also comes with a built-in 3-megapixel CMOS picture sensor, accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, and liughtness sensor, behind a 3-millimeter lenses. Together with GPS plcae information from a trustworthy phone, a headset provides information tailored for a stream charge or scenario.

A apart (but wired) round controller that clips onto your coupler or shirt collar houses a battery, speaker, microphone, NFC, and hold sensor.

Early focus concepts embody a step-by-step beam on how to arrange an engine, scrolling in front of a mechanic’s eyes as they work. Sony also suggested an app to share actor stats while examination a sports game, or to arrangement sightseeing information while visiting a traveller attraction.

Early developers will have entrance to a handful of SmartEyeglass apps—available in a Google Play store—which capacitate entrance to Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, RSS, calendar, and voice control.

The developer book will cost $840 in a U.S., £520 in a U.K., €670 opposite Europe, and ¥100,000 in Japan.

Sony hopes to recover the SmartEyeglass headset to consumers someday subsequent year.

In December, Sony released sum of a clip-on wearable that turns your eyeglasses into a intelligent device. The attachable Single-Lens Display Module, dubbed “SmartEyeglass Attach,” betrothed a Google Glass-like control board, OLED microdisplay, and visual unit.

Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition

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