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Space hire astronauts lift out extended spacewalk

Space hire commander Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren carried out a vapid seven-hour 16-minute spacewalk Wednesday, installing cables indispensable for a new advancing mechanism, ascent insulation panels on a production examination to urge cooling and lubricating a latching resource of a station’s drudge arm.

But Kelly indispensable some-more time than budgeted requesting douse to hard-to-see inner components and as such was not means to accommodate adult with Lindgren late in a spacewalk to finish one of a wire installations.

After already similar to extend the spacewalk by a half hour or so, goal controllers told Kelly to skip a few final lubrication stairs and Lindgren was told to abstain re-installation of a opening valve on a Tranquility module, a low-priority charge that was deferred to a destiny spacewalk.

But a vital objectives of U.S. EVA-32 were mostly achieved and after collecting collection and equipment, a astronauts done their approach behind to a Quest airlock and called it a day. Repressurization began during 3:19 p.m. EDT (GMT-4).

“On interest of a whole group here, we wish to conclude we guys for all a tough work that we put into this heck of task,” called wanderer Tracy Caldwell Dyson in goal control. “You guys did a good job.”

“Hey, thanks, Trace, and interjection to a whole team,” Kelly replied. “We do know how many work it takes to put this together and how many we guys are looking out for a reserve and good being, and we unequivocally conclude it.”


Kelly, scarcely 215 days into a scarcely yearlong mission, and Lindgren devise to try behind outward a week from Friday to reconfigure a ammonia cooling complement on one of a station’s sets of solar arrays.

Wednesday’s spacewalk, a initial for both Kelly and Lindgren, began during 8:03 a.m. when a astronauts switched their spacesuits to battery power. After exiting a airlock and convention collection and equipment, a dual group went their apart ways.

Kelly initial private insulation from an electrical placement box famous as a categorical train switching section that is mounted on an outmost storage platform. The MBSU suffered a error of some arrange progressing and with a insulation out of a way, it can be robotically private by a destiny organisation and eventually brought inside for troubleshooting and repairs.

Lindgren, meanwhile, changed to a top right side of a station’s categorical energy constrict and commissioned insulation on a Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a high-profile molecule production examination that has gifted cooling problems in new months. The insulation should assistance urge heat control.

After stowing a insulation bags and compared tools, Lindgren began work to lay cables that will broach energy and information to a new advancing resource that will be commissioned on a brazen Harmony module’s top pier in 2017.

The new International Docking Adapters, one atop Harmony and one on a front finish of a module, will be used by new U.S. organisation packet qualification being built by Boeing and SpaceX starting in late 2017 or 2018.

At one point, Caldwell Dyson, a maestro spacewalker, asked Lindgren to review a tag on a wire connector. He did so, nonetheless he pronounced a tag was tough to read.

“It’s flattering faded, so that’s my best guess,” he radioed.

“To be expected,” Caldwell Dyson replied. “You know when that was placed there?”

“No, when?”

“You were substantially still in diapers,” she joked.

“I’m STILL in diapers!” Lindgren replied, sketch delight in goal control.

While Lindgren focused on routing a prolonged cables, Kelly worked on lubricating inner expostulate screws and orientation in a supposed “latching finish effector,” or LEE, on one finish of a station’s drudge arm.

The arm has a latching resource on any finish so it can pierce inch-worm conform from work site to work site and over a years, telemetry has indicated a delayed boost in attrition and engine currents. One LEE was lubricated during a spacewalk progressing this year and Kelly took on a reflection Wednesday.

Using a douse gun and a prolonged tradition applicator, a hire commander had to do many of a lubrication work “in a blind” though being means to see a expostulate screws in question. He frequently had to stop and purify adult a douse gun and sought superintendence from goal control to make certain a applicator was scrupulously aligned.

He finished many of a designed work, though with a spacewalk using longer than expected, moody controllers opted to skip a few final steps, revelation a astronauts to container adult their collection and apparatus and conduct behind to a airlock.

This was a 189th spacewalk clinging to hire public and upkeep given construction began in 1998, a fifth so distant this year and a initial for Kelly and Lindgren.

With today’s EVA, 122 astronauts and cosmonauts representing 9 nations have logged 1,184 hours and 16 mins of EVA time operative outward a space station, or 49.3 days.

Article source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/space-station-astronauts-carry-out-extended-spacewalk/

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