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Spieth resolutely in control of Masters with 5-stroke lead

AUGUSTA, Ga. — 5:05 p.m.

Jordan Spieth had a immature coupler resolutely in his grasp Sunday, going to a behind side with a five-stroke lead in a final spin of a Masters.

After a spook during a seventh cut his lead over Justin Rose to usually 3 shots, Spieth finished a birdie during a par-5 eighth and gained a cadence when Rose missed a 6-footer for birdie.

Then during a ninth, Rose three-putted from 20 feet for a spook that cost him another stroke.

Just like that, Spieth had a bigger lead than he had a start of a day.

It was an engaging contrariety to a 2014 Masters, when Spieth played in a final organisation with Bubba Watson. That day, Spieth had a two-shot lead going to a eighth hole, though finished back-to-back bogeys. Watson birdied both holes, branch his necessity into a two-shot lead streamer to a behind nine.

Watson won going away.

This time, it would take an epic fall for Spieth to chuck divided his initial vital title.

In fact, a categorical emanate seemed to be either he could mangle another Masters scoring record. He was during 17-under par, one cadence off a symbol Tiger Woods set while winning in 1997.

Rose was during 12 under, tied with Phil Mickelson after Lefty rolled in a birdie putt during a 10th.


4:50 p.m.

Tiger Woods played a final spin of a Masters like he was lobbying for a purpose in “Into The Woods.”

Hoping to convene from a 10-shot deficit, Woods’ chances were finished in by an erring driver. At a really initial hole, he yanked his tee shot into a adjacent initial hole — and it usually got worse from there.

At a ninth, Woods struck a dark base while attack off a hunger straw, call him to dump a bar and scream out in pain. He managed to deliver a par, though again gathering into a trees during a 10th, unsuccessful to get out with his subsequent shot, and wound adult holding bogey.

Woods was 2 over for a day and 13 shots behind personality Jordan Spieth.


4:31 p.m.

Jordan Spieth usually couldn’t lift divided during Augusta National.

His second spook of a day during a seventh, where he missed a sharp 5-foot putt, authorised Justin Rose to again tighten within 3 shots of a Masters lead on Sunday.

Rose finished an brave standard during that same hole. The Englishman gathering behind a hunger tree, was still among a congregation after his second shot, scarcely holed out a chip, and afterwards finished a brief putt that rolled all a proceed around a mouth of a crater before dropping in.

Rose wiggled his hips like a hula dancer, mimicking a trail of his ball.

Showing copiousness of sportsmanship, Spieth gave Rose a thumbs-up for his third shot.

Spieth was during 16-under standard streamer to a eighth hole, that was a same indicate where he had a two-shot corner on Bubba Watson a year ago during Augusta National. Spieth mislaid that corner before a spin and watched Watson lift divided to win his second immature coupler in dual years.

Let’s see if Spieth can reason on this time.

The usually other actor with a genuine shot was three-time Masters personality Phil Mickelson, whose birdie during a eighth brought him within 4 strokes of a leader.


3:37 p.m.

Back and onward they go during Augusta National.

It’s roughly like compare play Sunday between Masters personality Jordan Spieth and closest pursuer Justin Rose.

They finished relating birdies during a initial hole. Rose struck a initial blow of a final pairing during No. 2, creation another birdie to tighten within 3 shots of a lead. But Spieth easy his four-shot corner with an 18-foot birdie during a third, as Rose missed his possess birdie try from about 15 feet.

Spieth is behind to 18-under standard for a tournament.

Tiger Woods is a usually other actor ever to get that low, with his winning measure during a 1997 Masters.

Spieth had 15 some-more holes to take a symbol even lower. Judging by some of a early scores, there’s copiousness of low numbers to be had in a final round.


3:22 p.m.

At a final spin of a Masters, a initial blow was delivered by Justin Rose.

The Englishman started Sunday with dual true birdies to take his measure to 14-under par. The leader, Jordan Spieth, finished a relating birdie during No. 1 though missed about a 4-footer and staid for standard during a second.

Spieth’s skip came right after Rose rolled in a 5-foot birdie, shutting a opening to 3 shots.

Rose was personification brilliantly, carrying birdied 7 of his final 8 holes going behind to Saturday.

It looks like a three-man race, during best.

Phil Mickelson birdied a second and stays 5 shots behind Spieth. Charley Hoffman has depressed 8 shots behind and usually one other player, Dustin Johnson, is as tighten as 10 strokes.

Both Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods were off to indolent starts. McIlroy had 4 true pars, while Woods forsaken to 12 shots behind with a spook during a fourth.


3:01 p.m.

Justin Rose rolled in a 12-foot birdie putt to start a final spin of a Masters.

Justin Spieth answered a challenge, creation a 10-foot birdie of his possess to say a four-stroke lead after a initial hole Sunday.

It was a good start for a 21-year-old Texan, personification in a final organisation during Augusta National for a second year in a row.

Phil Mickelson finished standard during a initial hole, dropping 6 shots behind Spieth. Charley Hoffman started with a spook and fell 8 strokes back.

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, both wanting ancestral rounds to overcome double-digit deficits, consumed a possibility to get closer by blank brief birdie putts during a easy second hole. They were 11 shots off a pace.


2:51 p.m.

Not looking a slightest bit nervous, Jordan Spieth teed off in a Masters with a four-stroke lead Sunday.

Spieth smiled and sloping his top when a starter announced his name, and afterwards he followed with a ideally placed expostulate in a fairway.

This is a second year in a quarrel that Spieth played in a final organisation during Augusta. In 2014, he was tied with Bubba Watson and indeed built a two-stroke lead with 11 holes to play. But Watson rallied to win his second immature coupler in 3 years.

The 21-year-old Spieth had a bit of a pillow this time, after environment a 54-hole scoring record with a 16-under 200.

Justin Rose was Spieth’s closest challenger and personification in a final organisation of a vital for a initial time. Three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson was 5 shots behind, while Charley Hoffman, during 6 back, was a usually other actor within singular digits of a leader. They were in a second-to-last organisation and, in all likelihood, a usually ones with a possibility to win a immature jacket.

The sole actor to convene from as distant as 10 shots down on a final day to constraint a vital championship was Paul Lawrie during a 1999 British Open. Of course, that contest is best remembered for Jean outpost de Velde’s epic fall on a 72nd hole.

Hoffman forsaken a shot right away, creation a spook during a initial hole.


2:42 p.m.

Tiger Woods started a final spin of a Masters by personification a wrong hole.

Woods yanked his tee shot into a adjacent ninth fairway Sunday.

He was means to strike an proceed over a trees to a border of a immature and salvaged par.

Rory McIlroy, personification with Woods in a third organisation from end, also non-stop with a par.

Both McIlroy and Woods were 10 shots behind a leader, Jordan Spieth.


1:28 p.m.

It looks like another day for going low during Augusta National.

On a pale Sunday, with temperatures approaching to rise out in a top 70s, there are copiousness of red numbers on a house among a early starters.

Keegan Bradley is 4-under standard by 10 holes. Jimmy Walker is 3 underneath by 12. Rickie Fowler, Patrick Reed and Henrik Stenson are 2 underneath after personification usually a few holes.

Essentially, there are dual tournaments during this point.

Jordan Spieth reason a four-stroke lead over Justin Rose after environment a 54-hole scoring record with a 16-under 200. Phil Mickelson is 5 shots behind and already warming adult on a use range, looking to convene for his fourth Masters championship. Charley Hoffman, during 6 off a pace, is a usually other actor with a single-digit deficit.

Spieth and Rose tee off in a final organisation during 2:50 p.m. EDT.

Leading a B-flight, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are among those 10 shots off a pace; they’ll be personification together in a third organisation from a end.

Also during 210 are Kevin Streelman, personality of a Par 3 Contest, Kevin Na and Dustin Johnson.

Only one player, Paul Lawrie during a 1999 British Open, has ever rallied from 10 shots down on a final day to win a vital championship.

That was a year that Jean outpost de Velde collapsed on a 72nd hole and mislaid in a playoff.

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