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Spotify Lands On Apple App Store Top Spot As Tim Cook Touts Apple Music


Apple Music is doing well, yet Spotify is doing better. The streaming song use has soared to a tip mark of Apple’s possess app store.
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There was still steam entrance off of a headlines announcing that Apple Music’s subscriptions have already soared to a third of a distance of Spotify’s reward users, yet before a headlines could cool, app trackers have reported that Spotify has finally strike a tip mark in a Apple App Store.

News of Spotify’s latest landmark doesn’t take anything divided from a success of Apple Music. It evidences a expansion of Spotify.

Spotify has warranted a banking sum of 20 million song lovers and has gotten about 55 million others to lay by ads to suffer a streaming song use for free.

The months-old Apple Music use has amassed an considerable 15 million sum users, about 6.5 million of that compensate for a reward service. The total on Apple Music’s success were common by Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday.

“We have song experts, only like a DJ when we were flourishing up…that are determining what’s next,” Cook said. ”It brings a art behind in music.”

There still a lot of land to cover to locate adult with Spotify. And Spotify doesn’t seem to be negligence down.

Spotify had hovered around a series 3 mark in a Apple App store in a US given a start of a year. However, Spotify finally strike a tip of US’ charts for tip grossing apps this month.

The dual services are a lot alike, yet there have been complaints about a complexity of Apple Music’s interface and reports of bugs. Meanwhile, a some-more determined Spotify enjoys an interface that has benefited from a tide of updates to a mobile and desktop apps.

One of Apple Music’s large offered points is that it has playlists curated by musicians and experts, yet Spotify uses a identical curation model.

“I’m anticipating privately that I’m finding a whole lot of song that we wasn’t listening to before,” he said. “I consider it’s fabulous. And to have over 15 million on there, and 6.5 million in a paid category, I’m unequivocally happy about it, and we consider a runway here is unequivocally good.”

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