HBO Now, a reward network’s online-only standalone streaming service, is accessible now for Apple inclination and on PC for people who get their Internet by Cablevision’s Optimum broadband platform.

Here’s how to get started on your iOS device, pleasantness of a HBO Now official description.

1. Download a HBO Now app.

2. Subscribe around an in-app squeeze regulating your Apple ID, or record in with certification supposing when subscribing by a participating broadband provider.

3. Create your HBO Now form and tide on iOS devices–iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV–or on a web during

Cablevision subscribers, meanwhile, can sequence HBO Now here. Cablevision is a vital Internet use provider that covers a New York area. If we live elsewhere, you’ll eventually have a possibility to pointer adult for HBO Now on PC, as more providers will be combined later.

None were named outright, though Comcast, ATT, and Verizon are expected candidates.

HBO Now–not be confused with a existent HBO Go–is accessible for $15/month after a giveaway 30-day trial. The interest of a use is that you’ll no longer need to compensate for a pricey wire subscription to watch a network’s whole apartment of programming.

HBO Now could come to gaming consoles later, though a use is exclusive to Apple inclination and PC for a generation of 3 months. This timed-exclusivity arrangement was announced final month.

Three months might not be such a prolonged duration, though it does cover a whole new deteriorate of Game of Thrones, that debuts this entrance Sunday, Apr 12.

For lots some-more on today’s HBO Now news, check out GameSpot sister site CNET’s in-depth coverage. Are we formulation to pointer adult for HBO Now? Let us know in a comments below!