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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review (spoiler free)

I’ve never been bashful about pursuit myself a Star Wars nerd. As a kid, we would watch a strange trilogy over and over again, and try to use a force to call objects to me. When we was a teen, we got to knowledge my initial ever Star Wars film in a theater. But final night, we feel like we truly got to knowledge Star Wars in a museum for a really initial time. I’m going to share my spoiler-free examination of that knowledge with you, below.

If you’ve ever seen a film Fanboys, we really identified with a characters as they sat in a museum during a really finish of a movie. For those unfamiliar, a film takes place behind in 1999, and is about a organisation of friends perplexing to see Episode I. In a final moments of a movie, they’re sitting in a museum during a midnight showing, surrounded by other fans in costume. The final difference spoken were “what if a film sucks?”

We all know how The Phantom Menace incited out. I’m not here to speak about that movie, nonetheless it’s protected to contend that all 3 prequel films had a really opposite feel to them, when compared to a strange trilogy. The fear in a behind of everyone’s conduct was that we would finish adult with something like this once again. Maybe not something bad, nonetheless something different. Something that didn’t feel like Star Wars.

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The initial thing that mixed me about a film was a miss of a drums and pushing that accompany a 20th Century Fox logo. In a hundreds of times I’ve seen a Star Wars movie, this has been a staple. It’s as informed as a difference “A prolonged time ago in a star far, distant away.” This was to be expected, however, given that association is no longer concerned in a films in any way. we was during slightest happy to see no Disney palace usually before a opening, however.

The yield gave us a small glance into what we had missed given a final time we had seen a favorite characters. And warned us that once again, a strong-handed troops force was environment out to wreak massacre on a star with a terrible weapon. The yield faded, and we saw a stars, and afterwards a planet, and finally a shade of a ship. This was how a Star Wars film begins.

I won’t explain a film shot-by-shot, nonetheless sufficient it to say, with usually a opening, we felt like a child again. we was prepared to see my aged friends come behind to life. And we was extraordinary about all of these new people. Who were they? How did they fit into everything?

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The film follows dual intertwining plots. One is about elucidate a mystery, while a other is about presence opposite a clearly unstoppable force. In many ways, The Force Awakens mirrors A New Hope. From a onslaught between a light side and a dark, a poser of usually what a force is, down to an unstoppable genocide appurtenance that needs to be destroyed.

There are many some-more similarities that we won’t go into, for a consequence of preserving a plot, nonetheless it was something we suspicion about for a while. In a sense, carrying so many similarities can lead one to consider that a film is ordinary or uninspired. However, we don’t consider there was a improved approach to do things. There wasn’t a improved approach to lift us behind to a star that still had a same feel as a strange trilogy. we trust that JJ Abrams and association finished a right choices in going down a informed trail to start of a revelation of a new chapter.

Since we can’t dive too many into a tract nonetheless divulgence spoilers, I’ll usually contend this. Yes, a tract is familiar, and even derivative of a strange films, nonetheless we favourite it. It had all of a elements required for a space opera. There was mystery, suspense, action, love, and all operation of emotions. And many of all, it felt like there was something many incomparable going on than we could see. That final partial was maybe my favorite feeling.

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Back before a prequels existed, whenever we watched A New Hope, we always felt as if there was a incomparable story that existed, nonetheless simply hadn’t seen/read yet. This was one of a biggest failings of The Phantom Menace, and a large reason since we adore examination a films in a Machete Order. The Force Awakens does a illusory pursuit of revelation a tiny apportionment of a many incomparable tale, and vouchsafing we know that there is so many that has happened before a movie.

Throughout a impetus of a film, we are reunited with aged friends. We’ve famous for some time that a strange expel has returned, nonetheless like everybody does, they’ve aged. Time has treated them distant differently than approaching (thanks to a genocide of a Expanded Universe. But that’s a story for another time). Whenever we saw someone (or something) we knew for a initial time, a throng would explode in possibly clapping or shouts of joy.

We also fast make new acquaintances. Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8 and a horde of others dominated many of a shade time. As we expected, a flame was really many upheld on to this new era of heroes (and villains). The essay and discourse finished interactions between any of a characters feel natural. As in a strange films, many of a characters were forced together by circumstance. And any of a characters had adequate abyss to them to feel plausible in whatever those resources were.

Something that we consider this film did improved than a originals has a lot to do with a characters. It’s easy to see a stereotypes that existed in a originals. However, we feel as nonetheless a people in this film felt so really real, since they were so varied. While those parallels we mentioned progressing can still be drawn, any of them had their own, graphic life.

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There’s a guard who doesn’t know anything some-more than being a soldier, nonetheless wants to be distant divided from a fighting. The lady who is on her own, and can reason her own. The cocky commander who jokes in a face of even a worse dangers. And a knave who is dark, menacing, and powerful, nonetheless whose actions uncover that there is some-more to him than that.

The expel is sundry by competition and gender, that is something that we didn’t see a lot of behind in a 70′s and 80′s, when a strange films came out. This is really one change that I’m some-more than happy to see in this film. You won’t find any princesses that are in need of rescuing here, that’s for sure.

Something that we was unhappy in was a perfect series of characters that we felt didn’t get adequate on-screen time, or backstory. we won’t go into sum about who, or why, nonetheless sufficient it to say, there are characters that you’ll leave a museum wondering since they didn’t see some-more time on a screen. Here’s to anticipating that like other things, there was a incomparable purpose to be detected in a destiny films.

One of a things that substantially creates this film so beguiling is how many time and bid went into a details. Things like a sets, a costumes, and even a visitor characters that usually uncover adult for a brief shot or two. Gone are a purify lines and clumsy CG work of a prequels. Instead we have a mix of aged and new tech that rivaled what George Lucas and a ILM group did behind in a 70′s. You get a clarity that a universe you’re looking during is really many alive, since of a sum that are filled in.

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It wouldn’t be a Star Wars film nonetheless a battles, that once again, were finished fantastically. The dog-fighting between ships felt a lot some-more like what we’d seen, with a arrange of World War II feel. Watching groups of people glow blasters felt some-more like a belligerent quarrel on Hoth, than a impetus of say, a droid army on a plains of Naboo.

The lightsaber fights were maybe a many sparkling part. Again, we can’t go into many fact nonetheless giving some large things away, nonetheless examination a characters quarrel felt so many some-more genuine than anything I’ve seen in a while. I’d contend they reminded me a lot of Luke and Vader when they’re fighting in a inlet of Cloud City. The choreography was splendidly done, and felt like what we would design from a characters, and their abilities. What’s more, we saw a lightsabers doing genuine repairs to a people being struck. Rather than a discerning cut and examination them drop, there were manifest injuries sustained.

I could substantially wind on about this film for utterly some time. However, in a seductiveness of time, and to not give divided anything, I’m going to pull this examination to a close, and tell we to go watch a movie.

If you’ve desired Star Wars, there is small to be unhappy by in this film. There is a illusory mix of informed and new that will leave many fans satisfied. You’ll knowledge all operation of emotion, and if you’re like me, you’ll substantially strew a few tears when your favorite characters uncover adult in accurately a approach we design them to. Most of all, you’ll feel like a child again, sitting in a museum experiencing something smashing for a really initial time.

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