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‘Star Wars’ trailer: 7 things we only learned

You’ve seen it. You have thoughts. So do we. Below are 7 things we only schooled from a Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, that blew adult Black Friday with voom-voom pew-pew-pew glory.


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1. There is a triple-bladed lightsaber. Remember when a minds were blown by Darth Maul carrying a two-sided lightsaber in The Phantom Menace trailer? Not to be outdone, here comes J.J. Abrams with a triple-sided version. Note a light itself is some-more sparky and flame-like than a common solid-looking shafts. Also, functionality-wise, a prongs presumably act as combined protection. Finally somebody contingency have said, “Hey, maybe we should make a lightsaber that guards a wrists since a hands keep removing chopped off.”

2. There’s no outdoor space in a teaser trailer: The whole trailer is terrestrial-based footage, that is a small uncanny for a film called Star Wars. We’re not complaining; we assume there is copiousness in a film itself, though it only seemed value indicating out.

3. Episode: VII is embracing atmosphere: Millennium Falcon contrails! X-Wing cloudy lake exhaust! Like a USS Enterprise rising from an sea in Star Trek: Into Darkness, Abrams is regulating spaceships in atmosphere to supplement some-more picturesque effects and corner divided from a pristine, cosmetic demeanour of a prequels.

4. The Falcon has gotten some upgrades. That old-school round radar dish? Now rectangular. Its blue-flame thruster? Now there’s some kind of grid of glimmer ports there. It stays to be seen if this means a boat acts/behaves differently with some kind of automatic O.S. ascent or is simply a cosmetic overhaul.

5. The pretension has some clarity: “Was The Force napping?” snarked fans when a Episode VII pretension was announced. Based on a trailer’s narration, yes, The Force was indeed napping, and now a new film seems to engage Force energy awakening on both sides.

6. The strange actors are nowhere to be seen: Our biggest regard about a new film is still hidden in mystery: Can Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher convincingly trip behind into their iconic roles 30 years later? It creates for an surprising teaser in that a 3 many informed faces remain off-screen. Naturally Disney will wish to betray pivotal elements slowly, so their deficiency is not unequivocally a surprise. The Star Wars tone—another indicate of concern—feels right(ish).

7. The video prompts some-more questions than answers: What is a soccer round droid adult to? What are a frightful charge troopers scheming to do in that shuttle? Is that Adam Driver’s new knave in a snow? Who is he scheming to fight? Is Driver narrating a trailer? Is a lake-planet a same world as a sleet planet? Is John Boyega a good charge guard or a bad charge trooper? Why is he freaked out and sweaty? Are we ostensible to think his Force powers are awakening? Where is Daisy Ridley, a reputed Princess Leia offspring, going on that awkward-looking landspeeder? Do a dried shots meant we’re behind on Tatooine?

Here again is a trailer:

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