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Storms, Fog Cripples Christmas Eve Travel Nationwide

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The Christmas Eve transport rush is on and this year transport experts are presaging record numbers of Americans visiting family members for a holiday.

WJZ’s Derek Valcourt has some-more on some of a delays those travelers are encountering.

Whether by cars, planes , or trains, some-more than 100 million Americans are approaching to be roving this Christmas.

But a soppy continue has done this a small reduction than a many smashing time of year for many stranded during airports

Hundreds of flights opposite a nation have been canceled and some-more than a thousand flights behind on Christmas Eve interjection to haze and clever storms.

Jennifer Lawson says she spent 3-4 hours on a craft usually to find out her flight was behind until Friday morning.

Passengers have been warned additional confidence screenings during checkpoints might delayed things down a small as well.

Drivers will find fewer delays on a roads, though they will have copiousness of company

Officials contend 91 percent of Maryland travelers are approaching to expostulate to their destination, an boost from final year.

Analysts contend low gas prices might be one of a reasons we’re saying some-more transport this holiday season. The normal cost per gallon right now is next dual dollars.

Gabrielle Bonet and her family one of many roving by Maryland this holiday.

“Christmas Day we’re going behind to York and afterwards we’re going to transport over to Philadelphia and afterwards Saturday we’re entrance behind to York and transport over to Jersey,” pronounced Bonet.

Even some of those who aren’t pushing anywhere are awaiting their possess out of city visitors.

“It’s kind of a Christmas miracle.  Normally we’re roving all over a nation to try to go find family members to spend time with them.  This time they come to us,” pronounced one traveler.

Article source: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2015/12/24/storms-fog-cripples-christmas-eve-travel-nationwide/

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