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Study: Childhood Vaccines Generally Safe, Severe Side Effects Rare

Childhood vaccines are generally safe, and a risk of critical side effects, such as autism or leukemia, is really rare, according to a study published Tuesday in a biography Pediatrics, a AP/Sacramento Bee reports (Stobbe, AP/Sacramento Bee, 6/30).

For a study, researchers from RAND and Boston Children’s Hospital examined 67 medical studies of vaccinations (Szabo, USA Today, 7/1). The data, taken from investigate conducted given 2011, counterpart an Institute of Medicine report that resolved that critical side effects from vaccines are really rare.

While a risk for critical side effects is low, a news found:

  • A couple between a measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and fever-triggered seizures;
  • Flu shots can means fevers that trigger seizures; and
  • Vaccines for rotavirus, a diarrheal illness in children, can boost a risk of bowel blockage.

Study co-author Courtney Gidengil noted, “I don’t consider this report, alone, will remonstrate relatives that vaccines are safe.” However, it competence remonstrate their family doctors, whom relatives trust, some experts noted. The researchers combined that physicians and relatives can plead a risks and advantages of vaccines (AP/Sacramento Bee, 7/1).

Article source: http://www.californiahealthline.org/articles/2014/7/2/study-childhood-vaccines-generally-safe-severe-side-effects-rare

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