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Super Bowl 2015: Final Patriots vs. Seahawks MVP, Stat, Prop Predictions

After dual weeks of prolonged buildup and anticipation, that enclosed systematic speak of how footballs might or might not discourage in opposite continue and whatever Marshawn Lynch was or wasn’t saying, it’s time to concentration on what happens between a New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks between a lines during Super Bowl XLIX

Give a NFL credit for bargain that dual weeks’ value of contention about a biggest diversion is an inventive approach to build hype. Everyone who creates a prophecy will have too many time to go over research that it will lead to changing your collect 700 times. 

Whatever indeed ends adult function in Arizona on Sunday night, a clear turn has been taken out and shined adult genuine good to yield a glance of a future. Here are a final picks for a Patriots vs. Seahawks showdown, that includes a Super Bowl champion, diversion MVP and some fun with a column bets. 

Super Bowl XLIX Score Prediction Breakdown


Prediction by Adam Wells


Prop Bets and Predictions

Notable Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets and Predictions

Length of National Anthem
Over/Under 2 minutes, 1 second
Broadcast references to “Deflated Balls”
Over/Under 2.5 times
How many times will Katy Perry be mentioned in initial half?
Over/Under 1.5 times
Bill Belichick Hoodie Type
Sleeves Cut (2-3); Sleeves Intact (11-10)
Which manager will be mentioned initial by name on TV after kickoff?
Pete Carroll (100-110); Bill Belichick (100-130)
Will Marshawn Lynch do his “obscene” jubilee after scoring a TD?
Yes (4-1); No (1-6)

Prop Bets and Odds around OddsShark.com, Predictions by Adam Wells

Prop bets are as large a partial of a knowledge during a Super Bowl as a diversion itself. The close of a night is how prolonged it will take Idina Menzel to finish a National Anthem, with a over/under being set during dual mins and one second. 

It’s not an irrational line, generally given David Barron of The Houston Chronicle remarkable on Twitter that there is some fashion for Menzel behaving a National Anthem during a sporting event:

Even yet a MLB All-Star Game delivery was shorter than a Super Bowl odds, this is a many bigger theatre and will means her a ideal event to use those Broadway-tuned pipes to reason a “a” in “Brave” to pull her past a 121-second mark. 

I take behind what we pronounced about a close of a night, as a references to deflated balls seems scarcely low deliberation a volume of review around it over a final dual weeks. The oddsmakers did buy themselves some space by observant it had to come during a broadcast, that presumably means all after a silver toss. 

Still, a second Tom Brady stairs on a field, it’s going to be one of a initial things that gets mentioned. Take a over and don’t be repelled if it happens in a initial dual mins of New England’s initial descent drive. 

Elsa/Getty Images

The Bill Belichick hoodie gamble is a formidable one to foresee since he’s such an conundrum that we never know what’s going by his head. 

However, usually looking during new trends, signs indicate to a Patriots conduct manager going with cutoff sleeves. In New England’s dual playoff games during home, that were played in cold and, for a AFC Championship Game, stormy weather, Belichick had full sleeves. 

Going behind even further, a final time Belichick had cutoff sleeves was in Week 15 opposite Miami. The heat during Gillette Stadium on that Dec day was a calm 43 degrees, per Pro-Football-Reference.com

The Super Bowl will be played in a tranquil sourroundings during a University of Phoenix Stadium, that facilities a retractable roof. Belichick will have no reason not to cut a sleeves off his hoodie on Sunday.


MVP Pick: Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks

Prediction by Adam Wells

Of a probable MVP picks for Seattle in this year’s Super Bowl, Marshawn Lynch is right during a tip of a list. Picking quarterbacks is easy, though Russell Wilson doesn’t fit a normal mold of a Super Bowl MVP since he’s not good from a slot and needs to hasten to make plays. 

The Seahawks are during their best when Lynch is carrying them. He’s also a calamity for hostile defenses to move down, generally after initial hit and in a second half. 

Per John McTigue of ESPN Stats Information, Lynch has been a first-down appurtenance and yards-after-contact beast in 2014:

Although he gained some-more yards from struggle in 2012 (1,786) than he did in 2014 (1,673), he done a many of his touches this season. Lynch gained a initial down on 26 percent of his descent touches this season, a top of his career. 

Of course, Lynch is best famous for his earthy using style. He averaged 2.53 yards after hit on 280 rushes this season. ESPN Stats Info’s yards-after-contact information goes to 2009, and in that time there have been dual instances of a actor rushing 200 times and averaging some-more yards after hit –- and that includes Adrian Peterson’s MVP debate in 2012. 

Jay Clemons of Fox Sports South did move adult dual stats involving Lynch that advise something will have to give on Sunday:

Of his final 11 outings, Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch (183 sum yards, one TD in a NFC pretension game) has racked adult 100 sum yards and/or one measure 9 times.

On a flip side, of his 5 career outings opposite a Patriots, Lynch (original draftee of the Bills) has usually crossed a above threshold usually once.

The second half is when Seattle creates a money. Lynch has been dynamite after halftime all year, including removing 146 of his 183 sum yards opposite Green Bay in a final 30-plus mins (including overtime).

Justin Forsett ran all over New England in a local turn with 129 yards on 24 carries. Lynch will have a identical stat line, going for 114 yards and dual touchdowns (one receiving) on 23 carries. 

In further to his bravery on a field, there’s also a partial of everybody that wants to see Lynch win a MVP endowment usually to see what will occur when he stairs adult to a lectern to get his trophy. The Super Bowl MVP is also slated to take partial in a press discussion with Roger Goodell on Monday morning. 

Besides creation finish clarity as a Super Bowl MVP, there’s also a humorous side story that would come from Lynch winning a honor. Let’s wish it happens usually for one some-more day of play when Beast Mode has to step in front of a microphone. 

Article source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2347226-super-bowl-2015-final-patriots-vs-seahawks-mvp-stat-prop-predictions

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