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‘Survivor’ recap: Men working badly

This week’s part starts with Huyopa sitting around articulate about Julie’s preference final week to quit a game, saving a clan from carrying to go to Tribal Council. Missy says it threw a fold in everyone’s plan. They were all prepared to opinion someone out, though they can’t until they go to council.

Dating integrate Jon and Jaclyn travel on a beach looking poetic and windswept. Jon is feeling arrange of guilty for revelation Jeremy they were in his fondness when they aren’t, though it doesn’t make him any reduction expected to opinion Jeremy off during a initial opportunity.

Reward challenge

Today’s plea divides a clan into dual teams. They will have to bucket complicated blocks onto a cart, afterwards pull a transport on wooden rails to a construction site. The blocks, that are nonplus pieces, have to be built into a pyramid figure and afterwards a church has to be hoisted to a tip of a tower. First organisation to finish a plea wins tacos and booze.

As there are 11 survivors, Missy becomes a sole lady out though any possibility of participating in a reward. The yellow team, with Jeremy, Natalie, Wes, Keith and Reed get a large lead and never remove it, winning a reward. They confirm to send Jon to Exile Island, as a enrich to his ability to take caring of himself. Whatever. The fearsome 5 go off to eat tacos, Jon’s strides off to Exile and a plea losers prowl behind to camp.

The folks eat and drink, afterwards confirm possibly to speak strategy. Keith decides to talk. He says that if they had had to go to Tribal final night, he wouldn’t have famous what to do. Jeremy knows he’s articulate only to talk, and that Keith and a others were going to try to opinion him out.

Wes cooking and cooking and afterwards creates outrageous noises.

Back during camp, Josh is unhappy to have lost, though happy to be with a people he needs to bond with. Josh tries to shame Baylor into fasten a couple’s alliance, indicating out that he saved her once. Baylor thinks Josh isn’t being unequivocally Christian. If we give a gift, we shouldn’t ask for one in return.

They both write any other off and Josh moves onto Jaclyn, who is noncommital.

On Exile, Jon reads a idea left for him and, to quote him, his perks adult his ears immediately. The idea indicates there is a dark shield statue on a island, not behind during camp. And certain enough, he finds it after some searching.

Now, he says, whatever he wants to occur is going to happen. Cue a horns of destiny, though don’t forget a drums of irony. Every time a actor thinks he’s in control, he isn’t.

Back during camp, a taco eaters have returned and Wes, Keith and Alec are behaving like jerks, burping, farting, spitting grouping around a women folk. Jeremy is disgusted; a women are feeling resentful.

Missy says they are a many chauvinistic organisation she’s ever seen. Jaclyn is observant a opposite side of a group though Jon there.

Alec is totally gentle with his alliance, and says that Jaclyn will do whatever Jon says. What? Is that some-more drums we hear?

Immunity challenge

Jon earnings and it’s time for a challenge. This time, it’s a mental test. Jeff Probst will uncover them a array of symbols, that they contingency repeat, in order, regulating a embellished cube. They dump off, one by and one, and oops, Jeremy wins shield and a certain fondness can’t hear itself consider for a pulsation of those drums. Those damn drums of irony.

The survivors congratulates Jeremy, who is happy since he knew Josh and his “goons” were entrance after him. Jeremy wants to opinion off Josh, though he doesn’t know if Jon and Jaclyn are with him.

Meanwhile, Josh and his goons have motionless to opinion off Baylor, mostly for not jumping on a Josh bandwagon, and allegedly since Keith hates her. He does, though we doubt Josh cares who Keith hates. It will all count on Jon and Jaclyn.

Jaclyn, however, is hating on a group and she wants to go with Jeremy’s alliance. Jon is disturbed about teaming adult with Jeremy since he thinks a married firefighter with dual kids could kick them in a finals. Jaclyn thinks it’s foolish to consider that distant ahead.

Keith can’t keep his mouth close and ends adult revelation Jeremy, Natalie and Missy that they are voting for Baylor, Missy’s daughter, since she’s idle and worthless. Missy and Baylor know that Baylor is screwed if Missy can’t representation Jon and Jaclyn over. Missy talks to Jon, who says OK, though he doesn’t sound during all convincing, and indeed, he runs to tells Josh that Jeremy’s fondness is voting for him.

Jon and Jaclyn are not in agreement, though Jaclyn says somehow, they’ll figure it out, though possibly way, someone’s not going to be happy.

Tribal council

Probst asks Jeremy and Josh if they felt vigour to win immunity, and both contend they do. Probst asks if alliances are famous and Wes says yes. He names his members, incompatible Jon and Jaclyn, that prompts Probst to ask if J and J are on Jeremy’s side. Jeremy says maybe, he doesn’t unequivocally know.

Natalie talks about how a group disrespected Jaclyn while Jon was during Exile, and Jaclyn says it frustrates her. Missy calls Wes and Alec out for being wanton and gassy. Keith defends his son, observant he hasn’t listened him fart for a while. And besides, everybody has gas. It’s natural.

Reed asks for a possibility to representation their box to J and J, observant it’s dangerous for them to side with a solo players. Jeremy asks possibly Jon can trust that a couples won’t opinion him off since he’s such a clever player?

But it’s time to vote. Probst asks for dark idols and no one plays one. The votes are for Baylor and Josh, though with a final opinion counted, Josh is history, apropos a initial member of a jury. He kisses Reed goodbye and promises to eat a cheeseburger for everybody.

Next time: Reed goes snooping and total out that Keith has a dark idol, promulgation stay into a tizzy.

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