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Tammy, review: ‘a watchable mishap’

This span breeze adult during a awfully plush plantation of some lesbian friends of
Pearl’s (Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh). The film seems to wish us to know that
sisters are doin’ it for themselves, though it also drafts in a romcom element
— a dual lay awkwardly together. If you’re in a forgiving mood, as with
all else here, it’s a excusable awkwardness; if you’re not, it won’t
be. Helpfully, Mark Duplass, as Tammy’s intensity adore interest, is flat-out
adorable: as comfortable and typical as ever, ideal though not idealised.

They have a climactic stage we can’t hear, underneath a distracted Niagara downpour,
that would be a great, roughly redemptive approach to finish a film this shaggily
uncertain of itself. It needs to stop right there. Naturally, it doesn’t. You
might remove count of all a things Tammy, as both heroine and film, does
wrong, though it’s an knowledge any true-blue Melissa McCarthy fan will still
have to put themselves through.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/filmreviews/10943106/Tammy-review-a-watchable-mishap.html

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