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Team USA not endangered over Blake Griffin punching Clippers employee

Ten months ago, Blake Griffin was one of a 3 best basketball players in a world. Before a Los Angeles Clippers were dissapoint by a Houston Rockets in final year’s Western Conference semifinals, Griffin was a jackhammer who often gathering coast-to-coast with ease. 

Given his size, speed, strength and coordination, NBA basketball had never seen anything utterly like it.

Then things fell apart.

Griffin’s 2016 has been a disaster. A integrate months ago, he pennyless his palm punching a Clippers group worker in a face—an damage that could cost him a rest of a unchanging season—but apparently Team USA won’t reason it opposite him:

Far some-more poignant than that impossibly reticent preference is how a Clippers have played but their 26-year-old superstar.

They’re 24-8 given he went down with a hamstring damage on Christmas Day, restraining a Toronto Raptors for a third top winning commission in a joining over that stretch:

It reminded critical NBA observers only how singular Griffin’s skill-set can be. He doesn’t strengthen a rim, isn’t as versatile on invulnerability as his athleticism suggests he should be and can’t fire threes. Why would Team USA name him when they can only squeeze Draymond Green instead? 

It’s all really troublesome. Griffin’s batch has never seen darker days.

Article source: http://www.foxsports.com/nba/story/los-angeles-clippers-blake-griffin-team-usa-030916

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