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Tech to assistance we travel

Traveling can be overwhelming, generally if we have kids in tow.  Technology to a rescue!  I checked out a few gadgets that can assistance make transport a small easier.

divvyHeadphone splitters are zero new though if we have ever used one, we know how irritating volume control can be.  Inevitably one person’s headphones are louder than a other.  Wicked Audio is elucidate that problem with a Divvy Y-Splitter.  For $10 it can separate a audio from a smartphone or inscription and any chairman will get their possess volume control.  It’s not battery powered so it doesn’t amplify though it will concede one chairman to reduce a volume if it’s too loud.  This is ideal for a kids when they’re examination a film on a iPad and we don’t wish to hear it.  The cost is right and to volume control is simple.

The Divvy Y-Splitter is $9.99 and should be accessible in stores and online soon.

energiKeeping all of those gadgets charged while on-the-go is not an easy task.  The Tyle Energi+ Backpack is a trek designed for your smartphone, inscription and laptop with a battery container built-in.  You can assign adult to 3 inclination during a same time.  It has 2 1Amp USB ports for your smartphones and 1 2.1Amp for your tablet.  The association claims a battery has adequate extract for 4 full smartphone charges or 1 full inscription charge.  When a battery container is passed only block it in and assign it behind up.

The Energi+ trek is loyal slot mania!  There are a sum of 13 pockets, ideal for a traveler with a million gadgets and cables to go with them.  There is a smartphone compartment, a inscription sleeve and a slip in territory for a full laptop.

The 10,400 mAh battery is good for providing we with additional extract though remember, it adds weight.  The battery is removable for those days when we need a trek though we don’t need a additional power.

Power on a go doesn’t come cheap.  The Tylt Energi+ Backpack retails for $200 though we found it on Amazon.com for $70 off!

Article source: http://kdvr.com/2014/07/04/tech-to-help-you-travel-tylt-energi-backpack-wicked-divvy/

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