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Teddy Bridgewater, Mike Wallace, Kyle Rudolph Post-Week 1 Fantasy Advice

Nothing went right for a Minnesota Vikings during Monday’s 20-3 detriment opposite a San Francisco 49ers, including a anticipation performances of a people in a flitting attack.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was frequency gentle in a slot (and was sacked 5 times), and usually Mike Wallace and Kyle Rudolph tallied some-more than 50 receiving yards. It didn’t assistance that Adrian Peterson racked adult a small 31 rushing yards as a 49ers invulnerability looked like a widespread force via a game. 

Here is a demeanour during a final numbers from Bridgewater, Wallace and Rudolph:

Teddy Bridgewater Stats Week 1

Passing Yards
Passing Touchdowns
Rushing Yards
Rushing Touchdowns
Fantasy Points

NFL.com customary scoring

Mike Wallace and Kyle Rudolph Week 1 Stats

Receiving Yards
Touchdown Catches
Fantasy Points
Mike Wallace
Kyle Rudolph

NFL.com customary scoring

Many had high expectations for Bridgewater entering his second season, generally given he threw for 2,919 yards, 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions as a rookie and total 209 yards and a measure on a ground.   

He seemed to make a burst once he grew accustomed to NFL defenses in his final 4 games, notching 1,092 flitting yards (273 a game) and 6 touchdown tosses. There was reason for optimism, and Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller was entirely on board:

If we are resolutely on a Bridgewater bandwagon, don’t burst off usually given of one muted performance. His ability to shelve adult yards with his legs and extend plays by evading vigour translates good in anticipation circles, as does a participation of an determined receiver like Wallace, that he didn’t have final year.

What’s more, Peterson will expected shake off a decay relocating brazen after blank all though one diversion in 2014. Once he does that and again looks like one of a best players in a league, defenses will be forced to things a box, that will open adult some-more throwing lanes for Bridgewater.

Still, a second-year signal-caller does not exaggerate adequate of a lane record to start in anticipation during this indicate unless we are in a low league, generally given he looked mislaid during times Monday. He contingency infer a opening detriment was some-more of a portion than anything else before he can be deliberate a must-start.

While Bridgewater is not starter element in anticipation football yet, make certain he is on your register or radar in some capacity. He showed alleviation as a 2014 deteriorate progressed, and it’s reasonable to design a same in 2015 once he is accustomed to personification with Peterson and Wallace. That splendid destiny will offer your group good if injuries spin an emanate in a second half of a year.

As for Wallace and Rudolph, their values are naturally tied to Bridgewater behaving during a aloft spin than we saw Monday.

The same beliefs request to a pass-catchers: If Peterson starts frequently churning out 100-yard games, a flitting conflict will open adult for a Vikings.

It is also unfit to omit Wallace’s lane record for anticipation purposes. He has never tallied fewer than 756 receiving yards in a singular year and surfaced a 1,100-yard plateau twice. He also notched a career-high 10 touchdown catches final year to go along with 862 receiving yards, so there’s no justification that he’s tailing off after 6 seasons in a league.

There are no other far-reaching receivers of note on Minnesota’s roster, so Wallace will continue to be a definite No. 1 choice when Bridgewater drops behind to pass.

Wallace contingency rise chemistry with a immature signal-caller (to be fair, a whole offense was a disaster Monday), though we should trust a career numbers some-more than a one-game representation and keep a receiver in your lineup relocating forward.

Rudolph is not a certain thing, deliberation he finished with usually 231 receiving yards and dual touchdowns in 9 games final year and has never surfaced 493 yards in a singular campaign. It would be easier to optimistically indicate to his 9 touchdowns in 2012 if they didn’t seem to be an anomaly, as he has usually 8 in his other 3 seasons combined.

The Vikings offense was a disaster Monday, and a group will expected spin to a famous playmakers as a pill in destiny games. Rudolph does not fit into that difficulty yet, nonetheless he is value monitoring as Peterson works his approach behind and a offense ideally improves relocating forward.

For now, continue to start Wallace and keep an eye on Bridgewater and Rudolph for abyss and injury-insurance purposes. If a Vikings offense eventually finds a footing, they will spin some-more profitable in a second half of a year.

Article source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2566851-teddy-bridgewater-mike-wallace-kyle-rudolph-post-week-1-fantasy-advice

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