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Teens learn value of voting and politics one doorway hit during a time – Chicago Sun-Times

Sixteen-year-old John Ersery is already a battle-tested maestro of Chicago domestic campaigns.

The youth during Chicago Military Academy in Bronzeville worked on interest of Bruce Rauner’s debate for administrator final year, afterwards switched his energies to assisting re-elect Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

As his philosophical counterpart, Cameron Miller, 17, has an equally considerable domestic resume.

After volunteering on interest of Gov. Pat Quinn’s debate in 2014, a Phillips Academy youth took adult a flame for Bob Fioretti’s mayoral campaign, afterwards switched over to Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for a runoff.

The dual immature organisation could disagree all day about either a destiny of Chicago is in improved hands with Emanuel or Garcia during a helm for a subsequent 4 years.

But what gives me larger certainty in Chicago’s destiny is that a city keeps producing civically intent immature organisation and women such as Ersery and Miller by a Mikva Challenge program, that gets high propagandize students directly concerned in a domestic process.

I talked politics for a while Monday with a organisation of Mikva participants, afterwards followed a handful of them out into a Pilsen neighborhood, where they did some last-minute door-knocking on interest of a Garcia campaign.

My purpose was to finish a choosing on a non-partisan note — and to get a bad ambience out of my mouth after a not-so-enlightening six-week runoff campaign.

I always find a Mikva kids to be a pill for a cynicism that ails me during this indicate in a choosing deteriorate after examination too many debate commercials.

Mikva gives them knowledge in a behind-the-scenes grunt work — from phone banking to travel canvassing — that is a pivotal partial of any domestic campaign.

While some students competence indeed go on to work in politics, what we conclude is meaningful all of them will be improved adults in a destiny for their knowledge — adults who are some-more expected to opinion and to opinion knowledgeably.

As justification that these aren’t only kids who have adopted their parents’ politics, take Ersery.

While he’s subsidy Emanuel, his mom is an zealous Garcia supporter.

“We have a front yard war,” Ersery said, referring to their dueling debate signs.

Benjamin Pineda, 17, also a youth during Chicago Military Academy, pronounced he found many of a “older” people in his McKinley Park area [remember comparison is relative] are artificial by politics, They consider “my opinion doesn’t count,” Pineda told me.

While campaigning on interest of Garcia, Pineda pronounced he believes he has swayed some of those people to come out to opinion Tuesday, and we could tell he feels good about that.

Anita Delgado, an 18-year-old comparison during Kelly High School, voted for a initial time in Feb and already knows she will get one chairman to a polls who routinely competence not make it — her mother.

“My family doesn’t like to get concerned in politics,” Delgado said.

That ends with her.

Xiao Lin Mei, a 16-year-old youth during Jones College Prep, pronounced she found it lenient while campaigning door-to-door in Chinatown to comprehend how associating her village is about politics. Many of those she met challenged her to urge her candidate, Garcia, forcing her to turn some-more knowledgeable.

The students were unanimous in expressing a welfare for assembly electorate in chairman instead of job on a telephone, a latter too mostly sketch antagonistic reactions.

“It’s a lot harder for people to be bold to your face than on a phone,” Ersery said.

At one indicate Monday dusk as we was using out of steam, Miller, Pineda and Lin Mei related arms and skipped down a path together along Ashland Avenue — as if in a stage from a Wizard of Oz.

Too bad we don’t have a Dorothy to lead Rahm and Chuy down The Yellow Brick Road on Wednesday morning.

Article source: http://chicago.suntimes.com/chicago-politics/7/71/504469/brown-column-6

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