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Telemon section acquires automotive manufacturer

A multiplication of Carmel-based Telamon Corp. has acquired Westbrook Mfg. Inc., a agreement manufacturer  headquartered in
Dayton, Ohio, a companies announced Tuesday.

Terms of a understanding were not disclosed.

The merger was done by Telemon’s Industrial Solutions division, that provides handle harnesses, electromechanical
switches, agreement assembly, kitting and third celebration logistics services to manufacturers.

Westbrook, founded in 1977, creates electro-mechanical assemblies and wiring harnesses for a automotive attention during a manufacturing
plant in Fresnillo, Mexico. The association has about 400 workers.

Telamon pronounced a merger will not impact operations during possibly company’s facilities, with a difference of a name
change to Telamon.

“We have been looking during a strap attention for a while now,” Telemon Chief Operating Officer Stanley Chen
pronounced in a prepared statement. “We trust a travel marketplace is primed for expansion with augmenting reserve requirements
and expansion of telematics. Finding a association with identical handling philosophies and enlightenment that would yield an entry
into this marketplace was a challenge. That is because we were vehement to find a association of Westbrook’s caliber.”

Article source: http://www.ibj.com/telemon-unit-acquires-automotive-manufacturer/PARAMS/article/48434

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