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Telit M2M launches “Telit Automotive Solutions”



Telit Concludes Acquisition of NXP’s Automotive Telematics On-board section Platform (“ATOP”) Business and Launches New OEM Automotive Business Unit

 Acquisition of a ATOP Business from Leading Global Semiconductor Company Concludes with a Creation of Telit Automotive Solutions

 London, April 2, 2014 – Telit Wireless Solutionsa heading tellurian businessman of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) modules, value-added services and solutions, currently announced it has resolved a merger of a Automotive Telematics On-board section Platform (ATOP) business from Netherlands-based NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq NXPI). ATOP is an automotive class resolution for car manufacturers to exercise eCall or identical functionality from a singular compress and cost fit package, delivering rebate in complexity and minimized costs in car designs, patron information as good as regulatory compliance. The association during a same time launched Telit Automotive Solutions, a new business section that is to concentration exclusively on a Automotive OEM and Tier-one markets. The new classification will be headed adult by attention maestro and long-time Telit executive, Dominikus Hierl as a CEO.


With a merger concluded, a association will confederate a ATOP business including sales, engineering and support staff into Telit Automotive Solutions, expanding a marketplace strech with solutions leveraging a stretched engineering and sales imagination quite in software-centric RFIs from Automotive and Telematics OEMs. The association achieved automotive-critical tellurian ISO/TS16949 acceptance in Jul 2012 and maintains one of a industry’s largest product portfolios for a automotive zone with sold importance on modernized technologies such as LTE and HSPA+. Telit has allocated Lars Reger, Head of Chip Development and General Manager for New Business in NXP’s automotive business multiplication as a non-executive executive of Telit on closing.

Industry analysts position automotive as a strongest flourishing shred for M2M over a subsequent few years. According to ABI Research’s news on a tellurian m2m procedure marketplace published in May 2013, procedure shipments to automotive OEMs will grow from 6 million units in 2013 to 30 million in 2018. Regulatory initiatives like eCall in Europe, ERA GLONASS in Russia, DENATRAN 245 in Brazil lend serve credit to a strength of a zone along with a most publicized “connected car” trend that is expected to lead to 100% invasion of a record in a really nearby future.

“This merger will take a ATOP record to a subsequent level, by embedding it in a tolerable ecosystem for innovative and high-quality automotive solutions. We’re assured that a imagination will continue to grow underneath Telit’s care in multiple with continued team-work from NXP”, pronounced Lars Reger. “NXP will stay rarely concerned in a destiny of ATOP by apropos a shareholder in Telit and fasten a company’s board.”

“The merger of ATOP is a matter for building a dedicated Automotive business section to improved residence Automotive opportunities and govern a plan to turn a marketplace personality in this segment,“ pronounced Telit CEO Oozi Cats. “The ATOP group is gifted and eager to join Telit. Their imagination will be leveraged by positioning their tip managers in poignant roles within a new Telit Automotive organization.”

“Together with a poignant patron base, ATOP brings additional imagination in automotive platforms to enrich a already abounding automotive business“, pronounced Dominikus Hierl, CEO of a new Telit Automotive Solutions. “The multi-service means height provides support for a operation of comforts from a singular package, including car plcae tracking, remote starting and diagnostics as good as business applications like swift management.“

With over 12 years of forlorn concentration on M2M, cutting technical risk and cutting time to marketplace for OEMs and integrators, Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP delivers all required services and products to bond resources to a Internet of Things. Whether sourcing singular products or full end-to-end solutions, count on M2M’s broadest portfolio in cellular, brief operation and positioning technologies interconnected with m2mAIR services covering focus enablement as good as deployment government connectivity underneath mobile networks and over a internet cloud. Telit benchmark-quality products and services are delivered with tellurian support and logistics surpassing harsh mandate from business vast and small. Telit’s ONE STOP. ONE SHOP. delivers a Internet of Things done Plug Play. Now innovate!

About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM listed as Telit Communications PLC), is a tellurian enabler of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications providing cellular, brief operation and positioning modules; andm2mAIR, managed and value combined services, in focus enablement and connectivity underneath mobile networks and internet/cloud. Business unit Telit Automotive Solutions delivers automotive-grade products and services to automobile manufacturers and tier-one automobile suppliers; and business unit Telit GNSS Solutions reaches M2M and beyond, delivering award-winning geo-positioning products to a broader wiring and OEM markets. With over 12 years exclusively in M2M, a association constantly advances record by 7 RD centers around a globe; selling products and services in over 80 countries.

By provision scalable products transmutable opposite families, technologies and generations, fast prototyping collection for focus development, and m2m tailored connectivity, Telit is means to revoke growth costs, strengthen pattern investments and minimize technical risk. The association provides patron support and design-in assistance by 32 sales and support offices, a global distributor network of experts with over 30 competence centers, and the Telit Technical Support Forum.

Telit provides products services and comforts to bond organizations to a Internet of Things (IoT) permitting them to wirelessly collect, routine and respond to real-world information from connected devices, formulating new efficiencies, income streams, governmental and personal benefits. Join a review and learn some-more about Telit and a customers’ innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter.

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