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Tesla’s Elon Musk is prepared to uncover us a "D"



Tesla CEO Elon Musk forsaken a Twitter provoke on Wednesday that’s got a automotive universe in a small bit of a tizzy.

So what competence a “D” be?

The automobile in a picture appears to be a existent Model S, though it’s unfit to tell for sure.

Tesla already has a Model X crossover and Model 3 compress on a way, so a D could be an all-new, hitherto opposite project, or an refurbish of a stream sedan.

Speculation has ranged from a Model S with an even longer operation than today’s 265 mph car, to one featuring a “Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive” complement from a Model X or a form of semi-autonomous electronic motorist aids blank from a stream car.

As for “something else,” who knows? Earlier this year Musk pronounced Tesla was operative on a battery retrofit for a initial car, a Roadster, that would give it a operation of 400 miles, so that’s one possibility, while an all-new Roadster isn’t approaching for several years.

Of course, a online universe being a smashing place that it is, many commenters gave “unveil a D” an wholly opposite connotation, call a follow-up twitter from Musk.

He will shortly enough.

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Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/10/02/tesla-elon-musk-is-ready-to-show-us-d/

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