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The 2015 transport year in review

Even some-more than in many years, a transport business and some of a favorite destinations done headlines during 2015 for a wrong reasons.

But that’s since there’s a front page, and a whole territory for a critical stuff. And that’s since this territory embraces a fun and consternation of removing out there and saying a universe — and a annual jubilee of goofball transport news we substantially can’t use.

So Happy Trails in 2016. Here’s anticipating all a transport news is happy, and stays right here in a section.


Better not tell them you’re from Philadelphia

A hotel staffed by robots non-stop during a thesis park in Nagasaki, Japan. Most of a walking, articulate robots are humanoid, though English-speaking guest are welcomed by a robotic dinosaur. h-n-h.jp.


Airline aphorism of a year: Too Fussy About Safety

A “glamour model” named Chloe Mafia reported that a commander of a Kuwait Airways moody from London to New York invited her to a cockpit, bought her champagne, sat her on his knee, smoked cigarettes, done disobedient suggestions and let her play with a controls. When she wondered if this was a good idea, he reassured her that others were “too fussy” about safety.


I got yer loving adore right here


 tra_hitchbotHitchBOT, a accessible hitchhiking drudge built by dual Canadian universities, had a excellent time furloughed Canada, a Netherlands and Germany. Then he came to America, where after usually 300 miles, he was vandalized and broken in Philadelphia. m.hitchbot.me.


You’d improved compensate a bill

A Turkish businessman non-stop Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, a Breaking Bad-themed cafeteria featuring waitstaff in hazmat outfits, coffee served in beakers and cupcakes surfaced with tiny crystals. facebook.com/walterscoffee.


No approach we’re putting a fun on this one

Because of a Google Translate error, a Spanish website of As Pontes, Spain, where they pronounce Galician and applaud a internal spinachlike unfeeling called grelo, invited visitors to a annual clitoris festival.


Or usually check a continue app on your phone

Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport commissioned a “climate portal,” a counter that simulates continue conditions around a universe so travelers will know how to dress. swedavia.com/arlanda.


Book these on Mid-airbnb.com, unless you’re a sleepwalker

Gaia Adventures in Wales began charity brave sleepers a night on a gondola swinging 9,000 feet in a atmosphere — with no bathroom. Airbnb hold a competition to spend a night in a French Alps on a imagination ski lift height swinging from a precipice 200 feet over a Irish Sea. It’s about $750 a night, including cooking and full breakfast. gaiaadventures.co.uk. airbnb.com.


Honesty is a Best Policy Dept.

In a midst of a heartless winter, a Ithaca, N.Y., tourism bureau website posted links to information about a Florida Keys and suggested people to see a sights in Ithaca “when things unfreeze out.” visitithaca.com.

Ready! Aim! Flush!


tra_bulletsA United Airlines commander drifting from Houston to Munich forgot that he had packaged bullets in his luggage, a no-no on general flights. So he tossed them in a trash, though when a newcomer noticed, he burning them down a toilet. Cleaning crews retrieved them safely.


Those Berlitz courses are amazing

Researchers reported that chimpanzees who changed from a Dutch safari park to a zoo in Scotland switched from their strange high-pitch grunts to lower-pitch “Scottish style” grunts in their new home.


Please note a Mideast dispute dress code

To uncover their support for a Palestinian cause, a organisation of Spanish activists acted naked, solely for red jester noses, along a wall that separates Israel from a assigned West Bank. They after apologized after a swell of critique from a regressive Palestinian society.


Attention stowaways: Vaping only, please

A Greyhound train on I-95 in Virginia held glow after a stowaway in a luggage cell illuminated a cigarette. Nobody was hurt.


Now she has a porcelain play circuitously all a time

Heather Cho, a Korean Air executive and daughter of a airline’s chairman, mislaid her pursuit and was sent to jail for a year after throwing a fit and aggressive a moody attendant since he served her a play of macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a porcelain bowl.


Put your income where your nosiness is

A Danish transport association started a graduation to inspire would-be grandparents to buy a vacation for their child and his or her associate in a wish a integrate will come home pregnant.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat


tra_whaleA California association that takes kayakers on whale-watching expeditions dangling operations when a large humpback whale sprung from a sea and landed on a boat in September. Somehow, nobody was hurt.


Just what do we meant by Hang Ten?

North Korea began charity eight-day surfing tours, partial of an bid to enhance a interest as a traveller destination. Surfing, announced Nicola Zanella, an Italian who led a initial expedition, “is a tellurian right.” uritours.com.



A new sheet to a Mile-High Club

The Portland, Ore., airfield announced it would concede passengers to take pot on flights that stay within a state, where possession of tiny amounts is legal. flypdx.com/PDX.


Because there’s zero else to do in London


tra_hula_hoopThe Berkeley, a posh London hotel, released a press recover proclaiming a launch of rooftop hula hoop classes. the-berkeley.co.uk.


The hotel present that keeps on giving

The Lord Baltimore hotel, in a city of a same name, offering a $299 package including a imagination suite, dinner, champagne, tickets to a flood statue vaunt during a circuitously museum — and if your baby is innate 9 months later, a giveaway celebration for tiny Lord Baltimore. lordbaltimorehotel.com.


Everybody say, “Calamari!”

A tutor during Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand lerned Rambo a octopus to snap photos of visitors. kellytarltons.co.nz.




Caution: Objects in a beyond bin might get indignant in flight

After a Chinese amicable network unprotected a Kunming Airlines arising protocol of stuffing womanlike moody attendants in beyond compartments, a association apologized and vowed to stop it.


But does Houston adore we back?

A film organisation sharpened a large “We Love Houston” pointer for a promotional video about a city was attacked during gunpoint.


Not usually a resort, a final resort

Reuters reported that Puerto Rico is aiming to boost tourism by attracting people who need organ transplants, since a island’s high murder rate means most shorter waits for deputy parts. seepuertorico.com.


Michael Precker is a Richardson freelance writer.

Article source: http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/travel/us/20151226-the-2015-travel-year-in-review.ece

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