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The best transport accessories for your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Retina …


Traveling with any MacBook is a lot easier today than it was 5 or 10 years ago. Apple’s latest laptops devour much less space than their predecessors, and last much longer when they’re in active use. Whether it’s on a seat-back tray or resting in your lap, your MacBook can deliver quite a few hours of prolific work time, video viewing, or even gameplay though assistance. But it can do even some-more if we move a right accessories along.

My idea is to assistance we select a best equipment to lift with we on a highway — a form of items I’ve spent years testing. The picks next are rarely unsentimental and focused to make good use of space and address real-world concerns that many travelers have. Read on!


The Best Way To Protect Your Privacy. If you’ve ever attempted to work or demeanour during private files on a plane, train, or bus, you’ve roughly beheld that some other passengers are craning their heads to check out your MacBook’s screen. There are some passive-aggressive approaches to traffic with this, though a simplest solution (apart from shutting your Mac) is a remoteness filter — a square of form-fit film that can be placed on a shade to extent off-angle visibility. The #1-ranked option is 3M’s Privacy Screen Protectors ($26-$36/MacBook Air$37/13″ Retina MacBook Pro$37/15″ Pro. $28-$45 non-Retina Pro), that are routinely sole in transparent or black, though also offering in gold. Viewed true on, they demeanour roughly clear — a small tinting is obvious — though from a side, a shade looks partially or wholly black, depending on a observation angle, with adequate fuzziness to problematic a sum of whatever you’re looking at.


The Best Travel USB Cable. I’ve carried a lot of USB cables around over a years, roughly always for two forms of devices: Apple devices and related accessories. These days, all of Apple’s iOS devices use Lightning connectors, and all of their accessories use Micro-USB cables. The easiest approach to save space is to mix both of those cables into one, and a best of a total Lightning and Micro-USB cables I’ve tested is Dodocool’s 2-in-1 Lightning/Micro USB Cord ($13). we strongly, strongly cite stable Lightning cables to generics, and this thick cable has valid unequivocally volatile in my travels. With a full-sized USB block on one end, a other finish has a Lightning connector there when we need it, pulling off to exhibit a Micro-USB block when necessary.


The Best International Travel Adapter. If you’re roving overseas, being means to refuel your MacBook when we arrive in another nation is critically important. Once you’ve packaged a wall adapter that came with your MacBook, there are 3 options to consider: cheap, fancy, or powerful. If we wish zero some-more than a elementary adapter, the slightest costly choice is a set of simply detachable wall plugs such as Bestek’s Grounded Universal Plug Set ($15). Get a whole set, collect a one that we need for a given trip, hang it on a finish of your MacBook’s wall charger, and leave a rest behind for after adventures. Apple’s central choice is the World Travel Adapter Kit ($40), that is a many compress since it replaces a wall plugs on your MacBook’s charger, rather than adding something on tip of a existent plugs. The many fine is Twelve South’s PlugBug World ($45), that comes with both deputy general wall plugs and adds a 2.1-Amp USB pier for usually $5 more than Apple’s kit. This could be generally accessible for users of Apple’s new 12″ Retina MacBook.


The Best Spare Power Solution – A Portable Power Outlet. When you’re regulating out of energy in a center of a flight, sight ride, or sight trip, reckoning out a approach to keep your MacBook alive can be a challenge. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops need Apple’s central wall adapter and MagSafe connector for charging, that boundary your on-the-go refueling options. My clever recommendation is ChargeTech’s ChargeAll, that gives we a unstable AC energy opening that can be carried anywhere. The 12,000mAh chronicle ($150) can energy a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro for only under 5 hours, while a 18,000mAh chronicle ($200) works for over 7 hours, and has twin 2.4-Amp USB ports for iPad and iPhone charging. For Apple’s Retina MacBook, you can use your choice of ultra-high-capacity battery packs (my favorite is Anker’s Astro E7), any of that can be used with a USB to USB-C cable to energy a 12″ MacBook.


The Best Little Travel Drive. I tend to take a lot of photos (and during slightest some videos) when I’m traveling, and given a singular volume of space on my MacBook, a gangling expostulate for holding crawl calm is always handy. The one I’ve recently depressed in adore with is Seagate’s Seven ($95, review here), that is lonesome in steel and billed as a world’s thinnest 500GB unstable tough drive. Bundled with a USB 3.0 wire and means of wise flattering many anywhere — it’s smaller than an iPhone 6 Plus — it has adequate storage space to reason a enormous print and video library on a own, tucking divided in your bag when not in use. As prices of plain state drives (SSDs) continue to come down, however, normal tough drives will need to be as skinny and affordable as Seven to sojourn relevant.

The Best Carrying Case. There’s no singular laptop bag that’s right for each user; a designs change a lot in style, size, and features. But I’ll give we a few pointers that will assistance we select something that’s going to work a best for we over time. Any bag we buy should have a dedicated, padded dungeon for your MacBook. Preferably, it will have several compartments to lift accessories such as a ones shown above, including a integrate of comparatively vast pockets means of holding a MacBook’s wall adapter and a gangling battery if you’re shopping one. It should zipper sealed for security, come from a association with a story of peculiarity manufacturing, and be easy to lift in a approach that we feel many gentle toting around several additional pounds value of stuff. Estimate that your MacBook, adapter, and reserve will add between 4 and 6 pounds of weight to your behind or shoulder.


I privately adore Incase’s DSLR Sling Pack ($80), since we always transport with a camera and laptop; this one fits both MacBook Airs and a 12″ MacBook, though is a unequivocally parsimonious fist for my 13″ Retina MacBook Pro. Despite that fact, a build peculiarity is so glorious that a zipper and extraneous have remained total for years notwithstanding holding all sorts of mechanism and camera gear. There are many, many other laptop-ready options out there in several vital styles, including Messenger Bags, BackpacksBriefcases, and Purses like a ones shown above. Just make certain a bag we collect has a multiple of security, space, and practicality we need.

Even More Great Options

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5 Responses to “The best transport accessories for your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Retina MacBook”

  1. Daniel Scott (@Dss33) says:

    Nice list here. I’ve been looking during charging my 12″ Macbook with a USB battery. Are we certain that it will work with a E7 and that USB to USB-C cable?


    • Jeremy Horwitz says:

      Yup. You’ll be means to supplement roughly 4 times additional battery life with a 25,600mAh cell.


  2. Thomas Yoon says:

    I can attest for a Incase DSLR Sling Bag. It binds all of my lenses, my DSLR, my laptop AND even has straps to reason my tripod. It’s unequivocally gentle and is good for travel. Not too costly possibly for how easily padded and stable they are.


    • Jeremy Horwitz says:

      It’s one of my favorite bags of all time. Wish it was only a spirit incomparable for a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro!


  3. Michael Paine says:

    You have ignored a Satechi Smart Travel Router.
    It translates all common forms of energy outlet, has an USB pier to assign an iPhone and is a wifi router so that hotel ethernet wire can be converted to wifi. we have been regulating one for 2 years and it has turn an essential transport accessory.

    Satechji sounds Japansese though is formed in San Diego.


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