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The Crazy State of Australian Politics: a Primer

There is something weird going down in Australian politics, and a name is Clive Palmer.

In 2013, this mining billionaire shaped a domestic celebration he called a Palmer United Party (PUP). Some people paid attention, many attempted to demeanour a other way.

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This is given Palmer isn’t your unchanging politician.


The one and only: Palmersaurus.

Image: Bradley Kanaris, Getty Images

First, a billionaire mining lord built Palmersaurus, a thesis park on a Sunshine Coast filled with feign dinosaurs. Then he changed on to bigger things — with a devise to build a Titanic II. He is a vast male with a sepulchral giggle and a wink in his eye.

Clive Palmer in infrequent gear.

Clive Palmer gets comfortable.

Image: Bradley Kanaris, Getty Images

Many insincere that aged Clive had mislaid his marbles. Then something unusual happened. Palmer won a reduce residence chair of Fairfax in a 2013 Australian election. Next, 3 of his council possibilities won their seats. On Jul 1, 2014, Glenn Lazarus, Jacqui Lambie and Dio Wang packaged their suitcases for a splendid lights of Parliament in Canberra, as Palmer struck a understanding with Australian Motoring Enthusiast celebration Senator Ricky Muir. PUP was unexpected looking unequivocally dangerous.

Palmer’s friends were a small severe around a edges — and unexpected they hold a essential balance-of-power votes in a Australian Senate.


Palmer and friends.

Image: William West, AFP, Getty Images

In a stream Senate, there are 33 Coalition supervision senators, 25 Labor senators and 10 Greens senators. This means if a supervision can't secure support from a Labor antithesis and a Greens, it will need 6 of a 8 crossbench votes to get pivotal choosing promises by a senate.

PUP are now vital players in pivotal decisions. Here’s what has left down given a PUPs were let loose:

Carbon taxation dissolution voted down

Palmer’s senators squandered no time blending things up. In a initial week of sitting parliament, they voted down a government’s series one choosing pledge — to throw a CO tax. The check was deserted 37 votes to 35.

Al Gore and Clive Palmer

A weird partnership: Al Gore and Clive Palmer.

Image: Kym Smith, Newspix, Getty Images

The carbon tax is a large domestic articulate indicate and rarely emotive emanate in Australia. The taxation charges polluters per metric ton for a volume of CO they recover into a atmosphere. It was introduced by a former Labor Government; a Liberal Government is opposite a tax.

Palmer has always been opposite a tax, being a mining man. He announced his skeleton to opinion it down during a weird press discussion flanked by, of all people, Al Gore — who was there to assistance Palmer announce an emissions trade intrigue and support for renewable appetite instead.

But during a 11th hour, as a opinion approached, Palmer pronounced his senators wouldn’t opinion for a taxation repeal. Why? He wanted an amendment to a check to force energy companies to pass on a taxation cut assets to consumers.

Meanwhile, PUP has voted down other bills, withdrawal a gaping multi-billon dollar hole in a Federal Budget. The supervision is now scrambling to get a CO taxation check nice and upheld before council breaks for winter subsequent Friday.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not a happy man.

Image: Stefan Postles, Getty Images

Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett weighed into a debate, accusing Palmer of being a “great blimp”.

“He reminds me of a good airship drifting around this universe of ours, this nation of ours, and each now and afterwards it lets off steam, or, to use a Clive Palmer expression, he usually farts,” Kennett told Fairfax Radio. “That’s all he does, he floats around, he causes trouble, there is no proof to what he is doing and it can be so deleterious to this country.”

Prime Minister Tony Abbott attempted to sojourn certain in a face of disorder: “The critical thing is that a supervision gets on with delivering a commitments that we done to a Australian people before a election,” he said.

Palmer walks out of live radio interview

The playground didn’t finish as council finished for a day on Thursday. In another headline-grabbing incident, Palmer walked out on an speak with ABC’s 7.30 Report horde Sarah Ferguson when she asked about his Chinese business interests and an ongoing authorised conflict with a business partner.

“Don’t speak to me about allegations and bullsh*t. I’m not deliberating it any serve with we madame … it’s theme to justice record — we’re suing them for $600 million,” Palmer pronounced to Ferguson before stealing his earpiece and walking off set.

And what’s a male like Clive Palmer to do after a stressful day underneath a spotlight? Head to New Zealand for a skiing holiday, of course.

PUP senator tells a PM what she unequivocally thinks

Even before council had started for a year, PUP senator and former Australian Army infantryman Jacqui Lambie done her feelings clear. She told a Prime Minister to “toughen up” by swallowing a “bucket of cement” and to stop regulating his daughters for his domestic gain.

“I know there is times when a families will be held in cinema and on TV monitors, though there’s a excellent line between that and parading them for your possess self functions and … to forge your possess career,” she told Today.

Earlier, she labelled a Prime Minister and his Treasurer Joe Hockey “nothing reduction than a span of deceitful, lying, domestic politicians” on live television. With Lambie, as with Palmer, zero is off limits.

Ricky Muir fumbles by singular interview

He done be one of a many absolute group in parliament, though Ricky Muir doesn’t come opposite as absolute in media interviews, as we can see. This isn’t even a initial time he has turn a YouTube star. A video emerged of Muir, posted to his personal YouTube account, of him throwing kangaroo poo during other men.

”My past does not paint how we am now and it has zero to do with a party,” Muir told Seven News when a video emerged. We wish not.

Palmer and friends are positively blending things up. Whether all a domestic disharmony is good for a nation has nonetheless to be seen. Somewhere, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is nursing a large headache.

He positively had one on Wednesday morning after a large night with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abbott seemed a small hungover as he chatted about his ancestral day creation trade agreements on breakfast TV. If usually he knew what a terrible week it would be, he might have had one some-more sake.

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