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The e-reader lives a waste life, and a good Kindle Voyage won’t change that

There’s a smoke-stack of e-readers sitting on a coffee list in my apartment. From bottom to top: A damaged Nook, an aged Kindle Touch, a first-generation Kindle Paperwhite and, as of this week, a examination section of a Kindle Voyage — Amazon’s latest e-reader, that starts during a whopping $199.

I review about dual books a week, yet a e-readers don’t get a lot of adore around here. When we went to spin on a Kindle Touch and Kindle Paperwhite to review them to a Kindle Voyage, we detected that both had run out of battery during some point, and we had to recharge them. The damaged Nook belonged to my husband, and when it finally stopped operative he motionless to start reading on his iPad instead of upgrading to one of a other e-readers we already owned.

Sad smoke-stack o' readers.

Sad smoke-stack o’ readers. Photo by Laura Owen

This isn’t about to spin into one of those “I only unequivocally adore a smell of paper books” treatises.

For me, e-readers have their uses; several Kindles have come with me on prolonged trips, and we mostly steal ebooks from a library on my Amazon Kindle. we review about dual books a week in some form. But a e-reader is simply another apparatus in my reading arsenal, pity time with imitation books and my phone and iPad. If I had to give adult one of those categories, it would unequivocally be a e-reader.

The Kindle Voyage isn’t going to change my mind, and that’s not a device’s fault. The Kindle Voyage is a unequivocally good e-reader! As others have written, a aloft fortitude shade is great, pointy and bright. The Voyage is mostly giveaway of a “grayness” that is unequivocally apparent in comparison e-readers, generally when we review them side by side.

I chose dual books to review on a Voyage — Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl, that includes black and white line drawings, and America’s Test Kitchen’s The Make-Ahead Cook, that includes photos. The drawings and photos both rendered easily on a Voyage (though a photos weren’t in color, obviously); content is black and sharp.


Kindle Voyage on a left, Kindle Paperwhite on a right. Photo by Laura Owen

Cookbooks aren’t a kind of thing we routinely suppose reading on your e-reader, yet a Voyage is indeed befitting to them, and I’d rather move it into a kitchen with me than a iPad — in partial since to spin a pages, we don’t have to appropriate a shade with your greasy fingers. Instead, we can press one of those vaunted Page Press buttons on a bezel, gripping your shade clean.

But should we ascent to a Voyage? It depends. If we already have a operative e-reader and we don’t review on it unequivocally much, we see no reason to buy a improved e-reader during all; in my experience, during least, upgrading to something improved has not speedy me to use my e-reader more. If we have an e-reader that we use a lot, and it doesn’t have a built-in light, get a Kindle with a light: It creates a large difference, and reading in bed in a dim is unequivocally nice. But we still don’t have to get a Voyage; we could get a Kindle Paperwhite, that is $119 with ads.

Who should buy a Voyage, then? I’m not assured that even zealous ebook readers need it. If your prophesy is bad AND we review a lot of ebooks, carrying a improved shade and crisper content could make a large disproportion for you. I’d substantially ascent in that case. Otherwise, I’d substantially pass.

If we already feel meh about e-readers, a Voyage won’t change your mind and there is no need to bombard out $200 to infer it. If a e-reader is an essential partial of your reading life, however, we positively can’t go wrong with an ascent here; you’ll only have to confirm if you’d rather spend a income on books instead.

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