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‘The Flash’ recap: ‘Enter Zoom’

“Enter Zoom” positively showcased a frightening energy of a suggested knave after a few weeks of a foe’s stupid devise to send underlings after Barry. For such a fearsome figure, his moves so distant have felt some-more like a prerequisite of a TV series, not a devise of an tangible intelligent villain, yet Zoom’s inability to tumble for Team Flash’s tricks and his absolute extensive coming on Earth-1 infer he has small seductiveness in messing around.

Zoom appears in Barry’s universe given he and Harrison, notwithstanding a understandably discreet recommendation of Barry’s friends, concentration on a usually resolution they find viable. Zoom has to be stopped, and it’s improved to do it now than wait around any longer, Barry reasons.

And for that self-willed thinking, Barry receives a crippling injury.

Zoom doesn’t uncover adult simply for kicks, though. Barry wants to captivate Zoom to their world, and he believes Dr. Light will be a ideal bait. And yet she escapes (her abilities also apparently include turning invisible, a available process of violation free), she leaves behind her outfit. Luckily, there’s someone else who can wear it, given Dr. Light has an Earth-1 twin.

So a manifold tools of a devise coalesce. Dr. Light tells Barry, before her Invisible Woman stunt, that she was educated to chuck a Flash’s fit button by to Earth-2 as explanation of his death. Barry still wants to send his button by to a other side, forcing Zoom’s hand. Earth-2’s Harrison can rise a speed-dampening serum. And with warn on their side, a dual of them trust a devise will work.

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Everyone else isn’t so sure. Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe all share their suspicions of Wells’ loyal motives for assisting Barry quarrel Zoom, and Joe even suggests Dr. Light’s shun is a pointer that their stream devise might be a ridiculous one. Barry and Harrison exclude to give up, though, and so a usually judicious choice they see is to move Linda Park into a fold.

With Light on a loose, Iris has been gripping a sharp eye on her associate journalist, who is nervously cooking her approach by several dozen cookbooks. But Iris happens to determine that vouchsafing Linda assistance is a good idea, and a usually approach for them to find out if she’s in for a gambit is to ask. Iris brings her to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Barry, in his Flash suit, asks for her help.

She agrees, yet her training montage indicates she has miles to go (and requires a few tweaks to her beat gloves from Cisco). Linda eventually catches on to aiming and attack usually her targets. Those targets only so occur to be card cutouts of a Flash (guess a few promotional equipment were unresolved around a set) while avoiding other cutouts of a selfie-taking Cisco, Joe, and a others.

Linda improves, yet only barely, incidentally frying Cisco’s authority core during use in all a fad of attack a target. No one thinks she’s ready, yet Barry skeleton to remonstrate Linda to sojourn involved. Joe stops him on his approach out, seeking him to severely cruise a consequences of seeking someone to risk her life. He also intimates Barry’s romantic enterprise to take down Zoom stems from a slow beating that Eddie, not Barry, was a one who eventually took down Reverse-Flash.

Barry brushes a latter thought off for now but takes to heart that he has to cruise Linda’s part. He appears to her in his Flash costume, as she sits distraught and dejected, meaningful that she unsuccessful a team. Barry tells her he believes in her, though. He knows she can do it, and to infer that to her, he’s going to trust her as most as she trusts him. So he removes his facade and reveals his loyal temperament to his former flame. (“I done out with a Flash,” she exclaims in an episode-best line.)

With that uncover of faith, she agrees to enclose Dr. Light’s outfit and reason a feign duel with Barry out by a docks. The quarrel is hilariously overstaged, Cisco carrying come adult with a cheesy book for them (he promises to do improved subsequent time, not that there should ever be a subsequent time). Grant Gustin channels Wentworth Miller’s scenery-chewing Captain Cold opening in his rhythm before a “fight” finally commences. A few hits and Barry takes a feign fall.

And so they wait, over an hour flitting but a pointer from Zoom. They container it in, Wells quite displeased, while Barry comes to terms with his maybe forward behavior. He opens adult to Joe about Earth-1 Wells’ taped summary to him, revelation him that he knew Barry, and he knew Barry Allen would never be happy.

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