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‘The Force Awakens’: What Can Be Learned From a New ‘Star Wars’ Title

J.J. Abrams on set Star Wars: Episode VII - H 2014

So, now we know that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a genuine pretension of a film before famous as Star Wars: Episode VII — though what can we reap from that title? It’s not as apparent as Attack of a Clones (“Some clones will be attacking!”) or The Empire Strikes Back (“The Empire? It’ll be distinguished back”). But what does The Force Awakens indeed tell us about subsequent year’s lapse to a universe far, distant away?

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The many apparent thing to note is a idea that a Force has been defunct in a initial place. This might come as a warn for many Star Wars fans, as a prior arrogance — corroborated adult by spinoff element now strictly private from criterion — was that Luke Skywalker’s feat in Return of a Jedi heralded a second Jedi Order, with a Force resuming a position executive to multitude as seen in a prequel trilogy. But if a Force is usually awakening now, clearly that hasn’t been a case.

The pretension also suggests that a Force will be executive to a new movie, something that isn’t expected to be a biggest warn to anyone — what would a Star Wars film be though a lightsaber battle? — though it’s value indicating out, nonetheless. To date, we’ve had a trilogy about a tumble of a Jedis and arise of a Sith, and a trilogy about a arise to energy of a impression who was ostensible to “bring change to a Force.” Does this pretension spirit that a new trilogy’s overarching thesis is what happens after that change has been recovered? Is a “awakening” brought about by Luke Skywalker?

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Also poignant is a miss of “Episode VII” in a pretension now. Considering a volume of concentration J.J. Abrams and his group have put on a strange trilogy as an impulse for a new movie, that’s again unsurprising — we didn’t have any part titles in a strange releases, either. Additionally, Star Wars: The Force Awakens only sounds like a commencement of something in a approach that Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens doesn’t. The evident response to a latter is “Wait, do we have to watch a progressing six?”

(Not to mention, stealing “Episode VII” also removes a subconscious couple to a much-derided prequel trilogy, while permitting a spinoff, nontrilogy cinema Disney and Lucasfilm are operative on to seem like projects of equal standing. There are many reasons to embankment a part number.)

Most importantly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens unequivocally does fit into a settlement set by a progressing cinema — a initial installments of any trilogy to date have had these deceptive titles that don’t unequivocally tell we anything for sure, though let we assume to your heart’s content. The Force Awakens isn’t any reduction treacherous and incomprehensible than The Phantom Menace or A New Hope, when it comes down to it, and a preference leaves a probability open for a second pretension that’s distant some-more detailed of a tract — and afterwards a third that facilities a difference “Return of the” or “Revenge of the” in there somewhere.

For now, all we know for certain is that, come 2015, a Force’s snooze is over. And for a fan base, that’s substantially some-more than adequate to get them excited.

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