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The Islamic State threatens to come to Rome; Italians respond with transport advice

A carabinieri paramilitary automobile patrols in front of a Colosseum in Rome on Feb. 17.  (Max Rossi/Reuters)

In a recently expelled video that showed a murdering of 21 Christians in Libya, all though one of them Egyptian, a Islamic State released an meaningful warning: “Today we are south of Rome,” one masked militant said. “We will conquer Rome with Allah’s permission.”

To make matters worse, Rita Katz, executive of SITE Intelligence Group, pointed out that supporters of a Islamic State have begun regulating a hashtag to advise of their devise to strech “Rome.”

Exactly what “Rome” means to a Islamic State is misleading — some experts contend it may indeed be a anxiety to a United States or Turkey, or even a West in general. But Italy is worried. Libya is just a short vessel float opposite a Mediterranean. Thousands of refugees already make this tour to Italian shores each year. What’s to stop a Islamic State?

As word of  spread opposite a Italian media, Rome residents took a event to respond to a Islamic State. And they did so in an generally Roman way.

With warnings about a traffic.

(Translation: Remember sleet tires or bondage if we take a highway. Otherwise we seclude a tank.)

With food recommendations.

A whole bucket of ubiquitous complaints about their domestic woes.

And copiousness of references to a recent soccer compare opposite a Dutch team.

(Translation: Unfortunately for them, Feyenoord fans have arrived already)

By this point, a Italian responses to a hashtag distant transcend any from Islamic State supporters, and some Italian publications are commencement to consternation how important a hashtag was to start with.

But a response does offer as a useful reminder: Italians might be frightened of baleful Islamic State warnings, though in their day-to-day life, they have many other issues on their minds.

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Article source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2015/02/20/the-islamic-state-threatens-to-come-to-rome-italians-respond-with-travel-advice/

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