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The ‘me’ tourist: Social media, selfies and travel


Missing a perspective to get that ideal selfie? You’re not alone. (iStock)

When we consider about travel, a word “experience” comes to mind. But it’s tough to “experience” what’s all around we when you’re spending each impulse with a smartphone in front of your face.

These days, walking by Times Square in New York is like navigating a obstruction in consistent motion. Instead of staying on a bound trail to get where you’re going, we have to wobble by large thousands of people – mostly tourists – who are possibly gnawing photos or walking aimlessly with their heads down, looking during their phones.

And it isn’t usually in prohibited spots like Times Square. Go to any traveller end and you’ll see a same thing. Have people lost because they travel? Or has transport turn reduction about “what” and “why” – and some-more about “me”?

The ‘Me’ Traveler

Now screaming from your Facebook page: “Look during me I’m station in front of a pyramids!” “Hey, look, I’m during a Eiffel Tower!” “Bet we wish we were me!” But a cinema are like a visible checkbox that says, “Another one off a bucket list!” They frequency hold on a experience.

Selfies are a large partial of this, and some have turn a theme of prohibited discuss and even scorn. Take a box of National Basketball Association actor Danny Green, who posted a selfie during a Berlin Holocaust Memorial with #Holocaust and LOL in a same tweet.

But Green was frequency a first, and unfortunately he won’t be a last, to post something offensive. This is what happens when a honest site is open for tourists. Addicted to amicable media and self-promotion, they are seconds divided from pity their “experience” with a world, even before they stop to know it. So let’s do a best to extent how mostly this happens by assisting travelers understand, in a certain way, how transport changes lives for a better.

Make it About a Experience, Not You

Some of a many extraordinary practice in life come when we transport to new places. They can change how we perspective a world, if you’re prepared to take them all in. They get prisoner in your psyche, not in your iPhone.

Think about because we transport and what a outing competence meant to you. Understand and be supportive to your surroundings, generally a enlightenment of a people whose nation you’ll be visiting. You’ll feel some-more connected to a place and a story if we take some time to learn about it and know it before we go.

Leave it in Your Pocket

Whether it’s an extraordinary rainbow over Diamond Head in Hawaii or a museum that reminds we of a horrors that haunt a history, you’ll be giveaway to take in all around we if we leave your iPhone in your pocket. It’s like violation an addiction, though it’s value it. Notice a expressions of others. Be partial of an knowledge that is singular to we and those around we during that given moment. It will occur usually once. Think about what you’re saying and how it creates we feel. You won’t need a selfie to remember it.

Travel Forward

Instead of pity a twitter with an LOL or a hashtag that shows we station somewhere for a moment, try pity a feeling. Write it down, though in a notebook. Go over a 140-character twitter and a sketch and constraint a impulse in difference and feelings.

Travel can be used as a embellishment to pierce your life forward. But if we still feel a need for that selfie, use #TravelForward and share a feelings, not usually a pixels.

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Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2014/10/13/me-tourist-social-media-selfies-and-travel/

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