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The Perfect … Adventure Travel Bag

The Perfect ... Adventure Travel Bag

What: The Gregory Stash Duffel (Small)

Cost: $79

Why: we am not a full-on, steel frame, cinches everywhere, trek kind of girl. Nor am we a wheelie container lady (until recently). I’m a grab-it-and-go type. And this bag suits me perfectly. It comes in 3 sizes, though a smallest is a best.

The Gregory is like a Mary Poppins of duffels. Just when we consider there’s no some-more room, it only keeps wise more. The bag is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. And due to comfy padded straps, when it’s full and heavy, it can be ragged on your behind like a trek to giveaway adult your arms and discharge a weight.

I have used this bag everywhere — from Mali to Iraq, in Colombia, Guatemala, Vietnam, Turkey, and even within a United States. It has been by ruin and behind and never let me down. If we are going on an journey trip, this is a bag. Trust. 

Article source: https://www.yahoo.com/travel/the-perfect-adventure-travel-bag-90468783242.html

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