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The Philadelphia 76ers are a misfortune group in NBA history

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Michael Carter-Williams penned an letter on what it’s like to be partial of a Philadelphia 76ers. A group that is now 0-8, and uninformed off a 123-70 pummeling during a hands of a Dallas Mavericks.

Carter-Williams wrote over 1,000 difference on a emotions of going by such a awful year for The Players’ Tribune, that includes a gob that he watches The Ellen DeGeneres Show to cope (though, don’t we all?).  The letter can be summed adult orderly with a start of Carter-Williams’ second paragraph.

“Losing sucks.”

Yes, approbation it does.



Unfortunately for Carter-Williams, there are few NBA teams in story who remove utterly like a Sixers. No other group in a NBA has ever mislaid some-more than 3 games by some-more than 50 points. Philadelphia has finished it 5 times.

The Sixers have been outscored by 143 points by 8 games. Only a 1997-98 Warriors (-148) and a 1988-89 Heat (-147) have conceded more. Those dual teams finished 19-63 and 15-67 respectively.

Philadelphia is final in points per diversion and and third-to-last in points allowed. They are, unquestionably a bad team. In his story, Carter-Williams insists a players aren’t tanking. There’s no reason not to trust him. He and his teammates are personification for their provision and evidently a approach out of their stream situation.

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(USA TODAY Sports)

Professional athletes wish to win. The problem with a Sixers team, that Carter-Williams fails to comprehend is that Philadelphia can’t win. It has zero to do with media description or a miss of context or facts.

This is a group who has left 4-40 given Jan 31 of this year.

Carter-Williams writes:

“You can doubt my shooting. You can doubt my ceiling. Just don’t doubt if I’m giving my all each singular night. Don’t speak to me about tanking.”

That’s fair. We can’t doubt his intentions but meaningful them. All anyone can do as an outward observe is observe. We are watching a terrible basketball group whose star claims to be giving it his all each singular night (though Carter-Williams’ has usually played one diversion to date).

So a Sixers are giving it their all, and they are still removing punched in a mouth by each group in a NBA. That kind of creates a whole thing even worse.

Philadelphia is an unintentionally, historically terrible team. Wouldn’t it be improved if they were only tanking?

Article source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/11/dallas-mavericks-philadelphia-76ers-michael-carter-williams

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