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The Ravens had reason to protest after detriment to Cardinals

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The Baltimore Ravens only can’t locate even a glance of a mangle this season, a run of set-back that continued with their 26-18 detriment to a Arizona Cardinals on Monday night.

There were 3 apart instances of things not violation their way, dual of them associated to a officials and one traffic with their communications equipment.

— On their initial expostulate of a game, a Ravens attempted to get wily by carrying descent lineman John Urschel news as an authorised receiver. On a indirect play, Urschel held a six-yard pass from Joe Flacco that would have given Baltimore second and brief from inside a Cardinals 10. But Urschel was flagged for bootleg formation, with a officials claiming he didn’t news as an authorised receiver.

But check out a video: Urschel runs onto a margin while brushing his hands on his uniform, a vigilance that he’s stating as eligible. The arbitrate appears to be looking right during him:

The expostulate stalled after a penalty, and a Ravens finished adult kicking a margin goal.

— In a third quarter, a Ravens seemed to have stopped Cardinals using behind Chris Johnson after a four-yard gain. But Johnson’s knees never strike a ground, and he got adult and ran for a 62-yard gain.

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh was incensed, claiming his players stopped posterior a play since Johnson’s brazen swell was stopped even yet there was no whistle, and that they had been flagged for creation a tackle in such instances in a past.

Here’s Harbaugh after a game, per a Cardinals Web site:

“The brazen swell was stopped,” Harbaugh said. “If we strike him in that situation, afterwards you’re going to get fined and penalized.”

While Johnson ran since he never listened a whistle, Harbaugh contended that there didn’t need to be one to finish a play.

“The alarm doesn’t matter in that situation,” Harbaugh said. “We’re clearly told that when a play is dead, they’re ostensible to stop. There have been copiousness of times when guys have been fined and penalized. They don’t blow a alarm half a time. That’s only a approach it works, we know it sounds crazy, though a alarm is not used that often.”

Chandler Catanzaro finished adult kicking a margin idea on a drive, giving a Cardinals a 20-10 lead.

— And finally, a Ravens seemed to get Belichicked on their final expostulate of a diversion when their communications apparatus gave out, definition Flacco couldn’t hear descent coordinator Marc Trestman after Baltimore had modernized to a Cardinals 4 with a possibility to tie with touchdown and a two-point conversion.

“The phones were going out. We mislaid a phones. There’s always going to be some confusion. The good thing was that we got all finished fast. We didn’t remove any time,” Harbaugh told a Baltimore Sun after a game. “We’ll go behind and investigate it, though according to a clock, we got things finished flattering damn quickly. But a phones were going out. [Flacco] couldn’t hear [offensive coordinator] Mark [Trestman]. we don’t know because a phones were going out on that drive, though they went out on that drive.”

Flacco threw an interception with 13 seconds left, finale a Ravens’ last-ditch possibility and stability what looks to be a mislaid season.

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