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The Secret to Being Happier: Quitting Facebook for 99 Days?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — A debate called “99 Days of Freedom” is adventurous Facebook users to take a summer detox from a addictive amicable network.

However, not everybody has what it takes to go 3 months but logging on to check their newsfeed for friends’ selfies, attribute updates and vacation snaps.

The campaign, that launched progressing this week, has so distant speedy only some-more than 2,800 of Facebook’s one billion active users to take a vouch of abstinence.

The beginning comes as a response to Facebook’s “mood experiment” on 700,000 users, pronounced Merijn Straathof, a art executive during Just, a Netherlands-based artistic group behind a “99 Days of Freedom” idea.

“Facebook is an implausible platform, we’re all fiercely constant users and we trust that there’s a lot to adore about a service,” he said. “But we we also feel that there are apparent romantic advantages to moderation.”

“Our prophecy is that a examination will produce a lot of certain personal practice and, 99 days from now, we’ll know either that speculation has legs,” he added.

If a normal user spends 17 mins per day on Facebook and completes a challenge, they will have an additional “28 hours of freedom” to pursue other activities, Straathof said.

While it’s still early in a challenge, Straathof pronounced participants have reported a “rough” day one, while others have pronounced they’re most happier spending a additional time reading or going outside.

“Day 1 is a roughest. we am always looking for my app when we deleted it. we feel empowered to keep doing this though. we know we can stay strong!” a user named Henderson Cunningham wrote.

A male named Kurt wrote he was regulating his Facebook interregnum as proclivity to work out more. “I’m streamer behind to a gym and removing some-more practice with my ‘re-captured’ time,” he wrote.

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