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The World is Not Enough: How to Travel Like James Bond

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We all know about James Bond’s permit to kill, nonetheless what’s unequivocally considerable is his frequent-flyer account. Over 5 decades and 24 films (the latest of which, “Spectre,” opens in a U.S. on Nov 6), James Bond has spin maybe a many well-traveled film impression ever. He’s enjoyed his bespoke tuxedos, quick cars, dangerous stunts, and jarred martinis in some of a many glamorous destinations in a world. “Spectre” is no exception; Bond’s stream journey takes him to such far-flung locations as Mexico City, Rome and Austria.

Want to transport like Bond — minus, hopefully, a vulgar skill drop and violence? In respect of 007’s new film, we’re looking during outlandish destinations (seven, of course) Bond has visited, infrequently some-more than once, over a years. Perhaps it can enthuse your subsequent tip mission, or well-earned vacation.

Venice, Italy

Roger Moore roving around Venice in 1979′s Moonraker. (Photo: United Artists/The Everett Collection)

Venice is one of Bond’s favorite go-to destinations. Dating behind to 007’s second film adventure,1963’s “From Russia with Love,” and as recently as 2006’s “Casino Royale,” Bond has explored a cobbled streets and circuitous lagoons of a “City of Water.” 

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Even when Bond’s adventures here curve toward a stupid — as they did in 1979’s “Moonraker” when he outran assassins on an amphibious gondola —  the beauty of a city that has drawn travelers for centuries stays front and core whenever Bond drops by.

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Enjoy extraordinary views of a Sardinian seashore and Bond-approved accommodations at a luxe Hotel Cala di Volpe. (Photo: Hotel Cala di Volpe)

Costa Smeralda on a northern seashore of Sardinia is rising behind into inflection as a Mediterranean finish famous for bluish sea and white sands. But it’s also a place where 007 foiled immorality skeleton in 1977’s “The Spy Who Loved Me.” 

Now, travelers can suffer a perspective of a brook and a potion of champagne in a Hotel Cala Di Volpe, where Bond stayed in a film. Even if your let automobile doesn’t fire missiles or spin into a submarine, we can expostulate a same roads where Bond and his reliable Lotus Esprit S1 transient a bad guys during that film’s classical automobile chase.


Roger Moore as Bond in a epic follow by a Eiffel Tower. (Photo: Nancy Moran/Sygma/Corbis)

Bond’s travels in Paris during 1985’s “A View to Kill” finish comparatively fast after an assassination during a Eiffel Tower (and an aborted automobile follow in half a Renault). And yet, it’s tough to conflict a pull of a French collateral and all of a glorious it has defended by a centuries. It’s still probable to suffer cooking with a perspective of a City of Lights during 58 Tour Eiffel — nonetheless unless we have MI6 clearway and a ideal suit, you’ll substantially need a reservation.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Hit a casinos or usually suffer a views during this iconic Mediterranean destination. (Photo: iStock)

James Bond doesn’t spend prolonged in Monte Carlo while training of nonetheless another rapist tract in 1995’s “GoldenEye.” But from a expanded initial views of a city we get during nonetheless another Bond automobile chase, to a grand casino floors where 007 meets a vicious (and suggestively named) lady knave Xenia Onatopp, it’s tough to conflict a summons call of this tiny Mediterranean nation.

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Macau, China

Don your excellent tux, sip martinis, and implement your best poker face in Macau. (Photo: iStock)

Most Bond fans will commend Macau from a radiant stage in 2012’s “Skyfall” where a tuxedo-clad 007 arrives during a casino aboard a vessel with floating lanterns. But that wasn’t Bond’s initial revisit to a Las Vegas of Asia. In 1974’s “The Man with a Golden Gun,” Bond foregoes collecting chips in preference of golden bullets, and sells this city of casinos as nonetheless another finish where superspy wannabes can knowledge a lush transport life of 007.

Las Vegas

Sean Connery as Bond hits a craps list in Vegas in Diamonds are Forever. (Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc./The Everett Collection)

Considering Bond’s mythological vices — gambling, alcohol, womanizing, etc. — you’d consider he’d adore a place nicknamed “Sin City.” But he’s usually visited Las Vegas once: in 1971’s “Diamonds Are Forever.” On a route of solid smugglers, Bond works his approach by a impracticable casino floors to a barren beauty of a Las Vegas Valley. Of course, he also manages to theme a Las Vegas frame to another of his law automobile chases.

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Tangier, Morocco

Beautiful Tangier has been rising in recognition and we’re certain it will be even some-more so after a revisit from Bond. (Photo: Neil Farrin/JAI/Corbis)

Tangier is a rising finish for those looking for a somewhat radical spot. After opposed Soviet villains here in 1987’s “The Living Daylights,” Bond appears to be creation a lapse visit. Film crews for a arriving “Spectre” were speckled filming in Tangier. Knowing a lush approach Bond travels even in a many dangerous situations, Tangier’s coming in “Spectre” might tempt vacation-minded Bond fans to supplement it to their subsequent itinerary.

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