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These Charts Show How Furious 7′s Second Weekend Is as Impressive as Its First

Furious 7 stayed parked in a box office’s tip spot for a second weekend in a row, adding $60.6 million in U.S. theaters for a sum of $252.2 million.

The film is one of usually a dozen to measure some-more than $60 million in a domestic box bureau sales in a second weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. See how it stacks adult opposite other films that crushed a box bureau in their second weekend:

Furious 7 box office

It’s no warn that Furious 7 is a Fast Furious film that scored a franchise’s biggest second weekend during a box bureau after a entrance weekend crushed several records. But Furious 7’s second weekend is also important for how it managed to dump by usually 59%—a covenant to how a ahead-of-summer recover has kept it divided from heavyweights like Avengers: Age of Ultron, that hits theaters on May 1.

Furious 7 Series Box Office

Last, Furious 7 is on lane to be Universal Pictures’ biggest strike ever, with Furious 7 being a studio’s biggest opening and second weekend. Many charge a success to Universal’s different casting and filming locations, that is related to a clever North American turn-out among many minority groups. See how Furious 7‘s second weekend stacks adult opposite other Universal films:

Furious 7 Universal Box Office

As for a rest of a box office, Variety reports, Home came in second place with $19 million, Get Hard took in $8.6 million and Cinderella nabbed $7.2 million.

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