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ThinkGeek’s foolishly feign products should be real

Your cats have been forgetful of a Voltron of their really own.

When Apr 1 rolls around any year, ThinkGeek showcases a flurry of feign products that we all wish were real. Sometimes a geektastic present association even creates a few of those products an tangible reality, like a 2014 “Star Trek” USS Enterprise drifting disc.

This year, ThinkGeek did not disappoint. Fans of “Mad Max,” “Game of Thrones,” Voltron steampunk and some-more will have copiousness of reason to revisit ThinkGeek today.

Let a “Game of Thrones” Hodor Travel Buddy beam we to your destination. This mountain complement turns your smartphone into a face of Hodor — brave and all — so we can keep both hands on a steering circle as your “Game of Thrones” friend tells we where to go around GPS.

Too bad he usually says “Hodor” instead of indicating branch right, left or anything useful. The Hodor Travel Buddy fictitiously retails for $25 (about £17 or AU$33).

Figuring out who a torpedo is in “Game of Thrones” Clue might take days.

Then there’s “Game of Thrones” Clue. With over 48 steel weapons like a longclaw and a needle, a candlestick from a normal diversion of Clue seems officious mundane. The tradition diversion house with 30 locations has 48 actor pieces that embody Gregor Clegane, Tyrion Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. Good fitness completing a large game in reduction than 3 hours. It fictitiously retails for $50 (about £34 or AU$66).

You’ll never disregard your sly roommates again when they get their possess energy formidable after unresolved out in this Voltron Cat Condo. With roughly 6 feet of play area, this fleece-covered Defender of a Universe will perform your cats for hours as they fake to keep a galaxy, and your vital room, protected from intruders — all for a fictitious $190 (about £129 or AU$250).

Jules Verne would be tender with this steam-powered gaming console.

For steampunks who like to game, there’s a Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet. Play your favorite video diversion with this console that uses a tiny boiler to energy a steam engine that produces all a electricity we need. But remember to delicately guard a boiler pressure, douse all a gears and stoke a fire.

The console comes with SteamOS preinstalled (and can also be configured to run Linux, FLOW-MATIC, and Fortran). Plus a connected controller has ball-jointed thumb-sticks and typewriter-feel keys. Did we discuss that comfortable vacuum-tube glow? All of this can be yours for a fictitious $400 (about £271 or AU$526). Coal costs extra.

Then there are a considerable Power Wheels Desert Drifters that spin any child into a tiny highway soldier that would stir even Mad Max. These lethal looking Power Wheels are lonesome in spikes, spears and involuntary (foam) weapons so kids can fake to be partial of a brute squad in a dystopian wasteland.

These battery-powered Desert Drifters strike a tip speed of 7.5 mph and have a Thunderdome Traction complement that enables kids to expostulate on severe terrain. ThinkGeek even has a video of a small highway warriors pushing a 3 varieties of Desert Drifters: Rage Rover, Fury Roadster and a Master Blaster ATV. These Drifters are a fictitious discount — generally in Bartertown — during $299 (about £202 or AU$393).

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/thinkgeeks-april-1st-fake-products-need-to-be-real/

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