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This Disney 3-D Printer Uses Fabric to Create Soft Objects

Disney Research

A new form of 3-D printer created by Disney Research allows layers of soothing fabric to be used instead of cosmetic or metal. The outcome is objects that are as soothing and open as normal 3-D printed things are severe and solid. It works by laying down a piece of fabric, be it felt, string or synthetic, and regulating a laser to cut a figure of a bottom-most layer. The piece is afterwards treated with a heat-sensitive glue and another covering of fabric placed on top, that is afterwards laser-cut again in a figure a subsequent covering — and so on. At a end, a fabric surrounding a intent being built covering by covering can be removed, withdrawal behind a intent itself.

Multiple fabric forms can be used, or some-more firm materials, or even electronics. The paper describing a new printer shows a star-shaped object with a hold sensor, and a smartphone friendly with a covering dedicated to wireless charging. It’s not utterly during a “print me a teddy bear” phase, though a technique could eventually assistance make intelligent garments and intelligent toys, or differently enlarge a 3-D copy process.



—Devin Coldewey

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/gadgets/3-d-printer-uses-fabric-create-soft-objects-n343796

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