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This Video of Robert Pattinson Dancing to Drake during Coachella Is Everything!

Forget Madonna making out with Drake on theatre during Coachella! Robert Pattinson‘s controversial dance moves in a assembly were approach some-more entertaining!

During Drake’s opening during a annual song festival, a Twilight hunk put his dancing skills on full arrangement and they were surprising to contend a least. One festivalgoer common a waggish Twitter video of a antics for us all to enjoy.

In a clip, R.Pattz stands subsequent to his fiancée FKA twigs and arrange sways and bobs side to side to a kick (well, sorta to a beat). The Brit star keeps his arms crossed and his black ball top on as he changed his conduct adult and down. Meanwhile, twigs stood subsequent to him and hardly moved.

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Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs
Robert Pattinson, FKA TwigsPacificCoastNews

One thing’s for sure: Pattinson was dancing like no one was watching!

The fan captioned a waggish video with, “Drakin with sack pattinson final night.” LOL!

In further to his Drake dancing, a 28-year-old groom-to-be supported his fiancée when she took a Coachella theatre on Saturday night. After her performance, a intent integrate reunited during a Moschino Late Night celebration with Jeremy Scott where they were held removing their PDA on.

“They spent many of a time articulate to other people though when they were together they were unequivocally cute,” a source told E! News. “You can tell they’re unequivocally happy together.” They also hung out with his BFF Katy Perry.

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