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Three Surprising Things Not during Jessa Duggar’s Wedding

Jessa Duggar (now Seewald) was always a immature lady with a mind of her possess – and she and new father Ben Seewald showed their some-more than 1,000 guest during their wedding day they were doing things their possess way.

The couple, who wrote their possess marriage vows, were saving their unequivocally initial lick until after they’d pronounced they were married. But they had a warn for a throng energetically watchful to see them close lips on theatre after Pastor Mike Schadt introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Seewald.

“They wanted their unequivocally initial lick ever to be in private,” Schadt tells PEOPLE. “It was critical to a both of them.”

He afterwards spoke to a throng for several mins about a couple’s preference and asked Jessa’s relatives Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to uncover a marriage throng a kiss.

“So, now you’ve seen a Duggar kiss,” Schadt said.

After spending some time alone, a new bride and husband acted for cinema and after exchanged several honeyed kisses during their reception.

The accepting was also blank a normal marriage underline – a cake. The integrate chose to have ice cream sundaes instead, so guest had brownies, ice cream and a accumulation of toppings including chocolate, caramel, candy and cookies.

“I don’t unequivocally like cake,” Jessa, 21, told PEOPLE when she was formulation her wedding. “We wanted ice cream sundaes instead.”

The integrate chose special ice cream flavors for their possess sundaes – packet chocolate chip for Ben, 19, and chocolate for Jessa.

Jessa also chose a glow robe from Tesori Bridal in Fayetteville, Arkansas – an Allure dress from their medium line, with a entirely beaded bodice of Swarovski crystals and pearls, and had some of a tulle in a dress private so it would tumble accurately a approach she wanted it to.

“It was a second dress we attempted on,” Jessa tells PEOPLE. “I adore it.”

And it was positively ideal for a bride, contend Tesori Bridal co-owners Lindsey Stavely and Erin Bridges.

“We didn’t know if she would like it since it wasn’t a normal white,” says Stavely. Adds Bridges, “She kept entrance behind to this dress and all her sisters were like, ‘the second one, a second one,’ so everybody agreed.”

The newlyweds were cheered on by a throng who blew froth in a atmosphere as a integrate left their accepting in a horse-drawn carriage.

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