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Tim Murray feels ‘terrible’ about promulgation tip collect Sam Reinhart to juniors

If we see Sabres ubiquitous manager Tim Murray on a travel tonight while pretence or treating, don’t ask how his day is going.

“Terrible,” he’ll tell you. 

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It’s not since he doesn’t like Halloween. He does. (Who doesn’t?) He’s only a small focussed out of figure for carrying to send his No. 2 altogether breeze choice back to juniors.

The sad Sabres done a formidable preference to lapse Sam Reinhart to a Kootenay Ice this morning. While articulate to reporters after in a afternoon, Murray fit his logic that a 6-foot, 185-pound core only wasn’t physically prepared for a NHL. (Here’s a couple to a audio clip, in that Murray expresses his bad mood, around The Buffalo News)

“He’s not going to learn a whole lot there, we don’t think,” Murray pronounced of Reinhart in a WHL. ”I know he can go behind and be a 120-point man there in a full season. But that’s not what we wish him to go behind there to do. We wish him to go behind to get stronger. He’s going to have to find a approach to … dual or 3 times a week to slip out on his possess to the gym and get stronger.”

It was a right call for a soon-to-be 19-year-old.

Reinhart had amassed one support personification in nine of 11 games for a last-place Sabres, averaging fourth-line mins (about 10:41 per game). He played only 8 shifts in Thursday’s 3-2 detriment to a Bruins, Reinhart’s last diversion before a initial year of his entry-level agreement was set to flog in.

“If he had been personification second-line minutes, we competence not be here carrying this review right now,” Murray said.

Murray certified that it was an romantic preference for both sides. Reinhart is Murray’s initial first-round collect as a ubiquitous manager. He wanted it to work. It would have looked good if Reinhart played all 82 games in his rookie season, from a personal standpoint.

But a conditions wasn’t right to force a issue, with Buffalo (2-8-1) set to play 73 some-more games of unequivocally bad hockey and all.

Murray pronounced Reinhart was unhappy in a decision, and was “very emotional” before withdrawal First Niagara Center until a summer.

“He should be disappointed. That’s good,” Murray said. ”Great players have left behind to junior. Ninety-nine percent of a players who have played here have left behind to junior.

“The one percent of a one percent are a ones who stay.”

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