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Tina Fey & Amy Poehler: 9 Times You Wished You Had A Best Friend Just Like Them

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a summary of #BFFGoals. From ‘SNL’ to ‘Sisters,’ we’ve always wished we had a best crony like Tina and Amy.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will always be a span we wish to be super tighten with. These dual comedy queens are spunky, smart-alecky and so most fun. They’ve shined on SNL, owned a Golden Globes and now they’re behind together on a large shade in Sisters. We’ve dull adult 9 times everyone’s yearned for a crony like these two!

*When they ruled a Golden Globes — 3 times

These BFFs hosted a Golden Globes for 3 years in a row. Every singular year they brought their A-game and done us cry since we were shouting so hard. Wouldn’t we only adore to get adult on theatre with your best friend, surrounded by celebrities, and only tell jokes? Sounds flattering amazing!


*When they owned Weekend Update

Tina and Amy were a initial two-woman anchor group on Saturday Night Live from 2004 to 2006. They ruled a newsdesk, creation us giggle each Saturday night. We’ll never forget when they brought on Mean Girls co-star Lindsay Lohan to coach her and demonstrate their worry over her “Mischa Barton arms.”


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*When they played sisters in Sisters

Eleven years after they starred in Mean Girls together and 8 years after Baby Mama, Tina and Amy are behind on a large shade in Sisters. These dual literally play sisters in Sisters. Isn’t that a dream for all BFFs?


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*When they played Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin

Tina and Amy took their best loyalty to a whole new turn when they debuted their dual biggest impressions — Sarah and Hillary. Watching these dual hilariously satire a politicians was a steer to behold, and they did it TOGETHER.


*When they went on a spending debauch with Seth Meyers’ credit card

Amy got a reason of Seth’s credit label and motionless to go selling with Tina. It doesn’t get most improved (or funnier) than this. Needless to say, Seth wasn’t too happy.

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*When they spoofed Jersey Shore

Oh, Tina and Amy. Back in 2011, they motionless to dressed adult only like a kids from a Jersey Shore. Don’t distortion — we know we wanted to do this when Jersey Shore was still on. Talk about fun!


*When they had that dance-off in Baby Mama

There’s zero like removing down on a dance building with your best pal. That’s accurately what Tina and Amy’s characters did in Baby Mama, and they severely worked it.


*When they stole a uncover from Neil Patrick Harris during a 2013 Emmys

They weren’t even hosting a Emmys, though they competence as good have. Watching Tina and Amy bother Neil Patrick Harris — even revelation him to take off his pants — was a best thing ever. Can’t we only join Tina and Amy’s patrol already?


*When Tina photobombed Amy during a Golden Globes

Gotcha! While Amy was being announced as one of a nominees for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, Tina motionless to get in on a action. She photobombed her BFF, and it was hilarious. You know we would do a same.


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