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Top 10 Stores For Best Black Friday Deals (Surprise: Not Walmart!)

With one week to go until a biggest selling day of a year, you’re substantially being deluged with Black Friday ads, promotions and coupons in your email inbox and mailbox. It can be tough to figure out how best to dispense your holiday present bill to secure a best deals.

WalletHub is here to help. The personal financial site surveyed 5,525 Black Friday ad scans from 22 of a country’s biggest U.S. retailers, including a world’s largest store chain, Walmart, and competitors Kmart, Sears and more.

WalletHub’s information gurus distributed a normal bonus charity by any of these retailers on Black Friday, weighted formed on a pre-discounted cost of any sale object in sequence to give some-more credit to stores discounting higher-ticket products like wiring or jewelry.

Their formula uncover mall stalwarts JC Penney and Macy’s charity a many considerable savings, with an normal bonus of 65.44% and 53.52% respectively. Pharmacy sequence Rite Aid comes in third, with grocery store Meijer ranked fourth and Sears fifth. Here are a tip 10:

Missing from this list: Walmart, that came 18th on WalletHub’s list, charity an normal assets of 32.16%, next a 39% normal of these vast retailers surveyed. Costco’s Black Friday discounts also valid unsatisfactory per this study, with an normal discount of 21.14%.

Bargain hunters competence be wondering where online hulk Amazon.com total among these section and trebuchet competitors.

“Amazon did not yield all a requested info for all their Black Friday deals. As a outcome some deals could not be enclosed in a calculations,” writes WalletHub’s Richie Bernardo. Other retailers who wouldn’t play ball: Apple, Home Depot, IKEA and Lowe’s.

Check out WalletHub’s minute findings, including some-more of this year’s laggards, here.

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